Friday, May 17, 2013

The Real Scandal Lies Within Ourselves

     Founding father and primary author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, once wrote that when the government fears the people there is liberty, and when the people fear the government there is tyranny. The recent Obama administration scandals involving the abuse of power at the IRS and the Justice Department, targeting political opponents of the President in the former and Associated Press journalists putting into print their concerns over the Benghazi attack in the latter, is the very essence of what Thomas Jefferson so eloquently stated over two hundred years ago. The people's fear of their government in a tyrannical system, the kind to which Jefferson alluded, has been given abundant life by this administration.
     Journalists now must fear improper investigations by the Justice Department if they dare to write or report any information that the Obama administration deems "inappropriate." And individuals, wishing to involve themselves in the political process, must now fear reprisals from an authoritarian regime through the tax collection agency known as the Internal Revenue Service. One of the special aspects of the United States has always been its citizens ability to vociferously oppose their government without fear of reprisal. That aspect is in danger of being lost to history forever with the continued existence of the Leftist power base which currently has its home in the Obama administration.
      These recent Obama scandals are not so much scandals as the modus operandi of an administration that employs the thug tactics of Chicago gangland politics on a national level. These tactics are business as usual for Marxists in general and the Obama administration specifically, for the purpose of imposing an unpopular agenda on a fearful and cowering public. The real scandal is that so many Americans fell for this style of banana republic government, not once but twice, while the alarm bell was being wrung by people successfully characterized by the administration as radicals. And now the Obama regime's guns are turned towards its own sycophants in the media, who are so dedicated to the cause that they will sacrifice themselves as willing collateral damage in the battle to advance the administration's Marxist agenda.
     I recently remembered a statement by President Obama early in his first term about creating a government civilian force that was more powerful than the military. His own version of brown shirts, not his words but my interpretation of his words. Now I fully understand the enormity of his statement when I realize that he was talking about using the IRS, the Justice Department and any and all bureaucracies within the government to eliminate any challenge to the imposition of his Utopia on the free people of the United States of America. The civilian force to which the President alluded comprised agencies of the government that could operate outside the law to advance his twisted version of fairness and equality. The ends justifying the means, however immoral or unjust those means are, is the mission statement of the Obama administration. And the recent revelations of the inner workings of the Obama machine are just the tip of an iceberg which seeks to sink the previously thought unsinkable ship of liberty and freedom.

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