Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Barackacy Of The IRS Scandal

     The Obama administration is representing an acre of swamp land as a hundred acres of prime real estate with their explanation of the IRS scandal. What they expect the public to buy is that the targeting of only conservative organizations by the division of the IRS that is the sole authority over non-profits in the nation, was in no way politically motivated. Furthermore they expect us to believe that the incessant demonization of these groups by their boss, Barack Obama, and the public statement that these groups should be targeted, by the powerful Senator Baucus who chairs the Senate committee that oversees the IRS, had no influence on the "rouge" agents who engaged in the "non-political" witch hunt.
     I caution those conservatives that are doing handstands over the media seemingly asking tough questions of the administration about the IRS targeting groups with "Patriot" or "Constitution" in their name or public statements that contain phrases like, "less government", not to be fooled by their curiosity. It comes from a thirst for direction in which way to steer the narrative and not from any journalistic integrity to reveal the truth. The media was caught flat-footed by the IRS story and had no story prep from the administration, and being narrative-dependent children, are looking to the administration to feed them their angle on the story for the coming days and weeks. Do not be surprised if the main thrust of the story reported by the media is the administration's assertion that they are outraged by the "unacceptable" and "isolated" actions of a couple of "low-level" agents.
     The IRS's admission that organizations were targeted based on their conservatism also begs the question that many have been asking, "Isn't this the bureaucracy that is charged with implementing large swaths of ObamaCare?" And if a couple of "rouge" agents can deny non-profit status to organizations based on their politics, is it unreasonable to assume that a "low-level" agent could conceivably deny someone health care based on those same politics? This is not just right-wing paranoia, but with recent revelations, is a real possibility. We have recently discovered that ObamaCare requires doctors to ascertain if patients are gun-owners, and it is not a stretch to imagine that they will be charged with mining for all sorts of information that has nothing to do with their patients health concerns. And it further follows that based on this information, certain types of care, or care in general, may be denied by over-zealous Leftists working in the bureaucracy that is ObamaCare.
     What the IRS and other recent scandals illuminate in very stark terms is that the government of, for and by the people has been transformed into a Barackacy. And maybe this was what Barack Obama meant during the 2008 campaign when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform the country. He has succeeded to a large extent in replacing the representative republic that has served this country and the world well for hundreds of years with a system of patronage where government bureaucracies are used to reward his friends and eliminate his opposition.


  1. You are right on. It will be like in Venezuela where voters for the opposition have to go to the back of the line for medical care. Drudge just posted a bit ago that the IRS agent responsible (in part) for this scandal will be in charge of the IRS role in Obama care?!

    1. And yet the American people by and large yawn at the recent revelations. We have lead ourselves to this poisoned watering hole.