Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Facts About Gun Deaths The Left Doesn't Want You To Know

     According to recent Justice Department data, gun deaths have decreased by 39% over the last twenty years. And injuries from the use of firearms that did not result in death, decreased by over 60 percent. These results have been reached during a time period when private ownership of firearms has increased dramatically. And it is no coincidence that gun deaths have decreased while the number of states implementing conceal/carry laws has increased to 39 in total.
     The Justice Department data shows that 11,000 people currently die of gun violence every year, two thirds of those deaths are suicides. If one were to subtract out the number of suicides, the average American has a .001 percent chance of being killed by a gun. Looked at in relation to the 50,000 plus traffic deaths every year directly attributable to the federal government's fuel standards, the average American is 16 times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident caused by government energy policy than they are to be killed by someone with a gun.
     The aforementioned facts do not stop those on the Left from using incidents like the Sandy Hook massacre to create a crisis that does not exist in order to increase the federal government's control over individuals, thereby reducing the liberties of a free people. We have seen this behavior from the Left on myriad issues ranging from global warming to health care. Gun control is one of those linchpin issue, which if the Left can succeed at their task, will forever change the fidelity of this great nation to its constitutional principles.
     Leftists will tell those who are the target of their tyranny that their policies are something that they are not. An illustration of this point is the Lefts insistence that those who fear a national gun registry as a result of universal background checks, are just paranoid right-wing extremists. But Wayne La Pierre, president of the National Rifle Association, recently made the salient point of fact that universal background checks can not be achieved without a national registry, otherwise it is not universal. This is in direct conflict with the constitution that has created this great republic and guided it to become the greatest nation in the history of nations.
     Facts are stubborn things and they are usually the enemy of the Left, that is why they continue to manufacture their own version of reality. The facts about gun violence mentioned at the beginning of this post, along with the fact that more crimes are prevented with the proper use of a firearm by law-abiding citizens than are committed  by criminals, are ignored by Leftists. Their goal is not to create a safer and more free society, but to grow government influence in the lives of individuals. To that end, the Left sees truth as a malleable tool to be shaped and twisted to support their demented reality and implement their unpopular agenda against the will of the people and the tenets of common sense.

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