Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Slacker In Chief

    When Barack Obama became our nation's forty fourth president, the country was facing some serious economic issues. The housing collapse, which was the result of Democrats using the housing market to perform social engineering for the purpose of providing houses to those too poor to afford them on their own, had caused ripples of uncertainty throughout the financial markets. Becoming president at that time was going to be a challenge for any man and require of him leadership, courage and a strong work ethic. Unfortunately, the man elected to the post had none of these qualities.
     President Obama has defined his presidency in terms of one of the most contentious in history, not because of the opposition, but because of his own obstinate and rigid adherence to his Leftist ideology. But even as an ideologue he has shown very little initiative and work ethic. According to the historical record, and accounts of those working in support roles within the White House for decades, most Presidents of the United States generally began their day by 7am and were on the job well into the early evening. Our current president begins his normal day well after 9 o' clock and is finished by mid to late afternoon. In fact, President Obama has spent more of the people's time, graciously given to him to resolve the nations issues, playing golf and on vacation than he has spent working on the number one issue plaguing this nation for the last five years, the economy.
     President Obama has also spent more taxpayer money on the personal "needs" of the first family than any other president in history. In fact, he has spent more of the taxpayers hard earned money on himself and his family than the combined total spent on supporting the first families of any six other nations. The total amount of U.S. taxpayer money spent on supporting the first family in 2012 was 1.4 billion dollars. An astronomical amount, especially when compared to the Royal Family of Great Britain, who only spent the equivalent of 56 million dollars of their nations hard earned money on their personal needs. Furthermore, the money spent on the Obamas was borrowed money that future generations will have to repay. President Obama has borrowed more money per average U.S. household than the average U.S. household makes in earned income per year.
     This President has worked hard at one thing since taking the oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, completely ignoring that very constitution every chance he gets. Mr. Obama has also worked very hard campaigning, so hard in fact that he has spent more time campaigning since becoming president than he has working at his desk in the Oval Office. But then, it is hard to community organize from behind a desk, that kind of hard work is best left to someone who actually understands the meaning of the word 'work', not our current Slacker In Chief.

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