Friday, October 11, 2013

A Nation Built Upon Primacy Of Conscience

     Sometime during the last 60 years, or maybe better put as, progressively during the last 60 years, Democrats diverged from Republicants in so much as they no longer supported the premise of the United States Constitution. There were always policy differences and implementation of policy issues, but both parties use to agree on the founding principles of the republic which were delivered through the ages by the wisdom of what was the Founders' words. But the modern day Democrat party has been hi-jacked by Leftists, and the well-intentioned members of what was once an honorable party, have been driven out or silenced by intimidation and fear.
     The premise of the United States Constitution, as well as the other founding documents of this great country, is the primacy of conscience. The Founding Fathers created a form of government that respected above all else the individuals religious, political, and economic conscience. This primacy of conscience was what drove individuals, not government, to create the greatest country in the history of mankind, a country which by far advanced the human condition more than any other through the ages. This idea of primacy of conscience allowed the citizens of this country to thrive religiously, politically, and economically like no other in the history of man. The Framers of the Constitution knew that if respect for the citizens' conscience was held prime above all else, the country could flourish in ways that even they could not foresee.
     This ability for Americans to live as their conscience instructed them has been under assault from the corrupt and oppressive ideology of Leftism. The driving force of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. specifically, and the civil rights movement in general, was religious conscience that rehabilitated the political conscience of a nation to align it with its founding principles. This is why the Left tries to revise not only the history of the civil rights movement, but the very religious nature of Reverend King by, among other things, insisting on calling him Doctor King and sanitizing his persona of his religious identity.
     Today, the religious primacy of conscience has been attacked by courts that require photographers and wedding chapels who do not subjugate their moral beliefs to those of the radical gay rights agenda, to do so or face severe penalties. This assault on religious primacy is also in evidence with ObamaCare, requiring religious institutions to provide health care insurance that covers things they are morally opposed to such as birth control and abortions. The Left is so bold as to violate federal law by allowing health care premiums from the ObamaCare exchanges to be used to pay for abortions.
     We have seen the effects of political primacy of conscience being violated by the Obama administration with the use of the Internal Revenue Service to silence political opposition to his radical agenda. The violation of primacy of conscience is in evidence almost on a daily basis by the Obama administration with everything from using IRS audits of those who speak out against them like Doctor Ben Carson, to trying to force military chaplains to perform gay marriages. If the Left can succeed in eliminating primacy of conscience for individuals and replace it with the conscienceless primacy of government, liberty and prosperity will fail to inhabit the future of this country and forever be relegated as quaint relics of this nation's great past.

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