Thursday, October 10, 2013

The ObamaCare Conscientious Objectors Are Wrong

     A theory being proffered by some on the Right who do not have the courage to fight an all out war against the tyranny of ObamaCare, is that it should be allowed to be fully implemented. Once it is fully implemented, the theory goes, it will be such a huge disaster that it will collapse of its own weight. This is what I call, "The Naïve ObamaCare Conscientious Objector Theory." One will find naïve ObamaCare conscientious objectors in the United States Congress, as well as in conservative talk radio and print media. Along with their inability to muster the courage to defend liberty, is a desire to disparage anyone who does, such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, et al.
     The naïve ObamaCare conscientious objectors are wrong for two reasons, the inability of the Left to judge their policies by results and the intended goal of ObamaCare. I have been initiated in politics long enough to understand that whether it is a Leftist individual or policy, results are never evaluated, only intentions. And since the publicly stated intentions of ObamaCare are to provide uninsured patients with medical insurance and generally make health insurance more affordable for everyone, it does not matter if it fails to live up to its billing. It was initiated with good intentions by Leftists, who everyone knows care more than those on the Right, and so therefore it does not matter if it falls completely short of living up to even the most meager of expectations.
     The second reason that the naïve ObamaCare conscientious objectors are wrong is that failure of the law as written is the intended outcome for the law created by President Obama and his congressional health care thugs. Chaos is the cornerstone of every successful Leftist because it mitigates the growth of liberty and necessitates the almost limitless expansion of the central government. What better way to do this than to destroy the private health care insurance industry with a choking amount of new regulations under a law that allows the federal government to compel individuals to purchase health care insurance, and with mandated fees for that insurance which will drive private health insurers out of business. Once this occurs, it will be necessary, in the Leftist view, for government to institute a single-payer, government-run health care system to replace the greatest health care industry in the world.
     So as many on the Right are pointing to the recent disaster of the launch of the ObamaCare exchanges on October 1 as evidence that government can not manage something as large and complex as the United States health care industry, Mr. Obama sits smiling. He sees the health care exchange debacle as one more step towards a single-payer, government-run system that will place almost unlimited power in the hands of the ruling class and their bureaucrats. An unfeeling system that will be bereft of compassion for Americans who will have little choice in how they live their lives because an overreaching government will not only be in their homes, but their very physical beings as well. If the naïve ObamaCare conscientious objectors have their way, it will not be ObamaCare that collapses of its own weight, but the very edifice of individual liberty.

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