Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Emotional Weakness Of Leftism

     One of the goals of the Left in this country is to transform the rugged individualism that defined much of American history, into emotional neediness that defines more and more of the current American culture. The end result of this emotional weakness and need is the dependence on government for support. But while government can provide some meager material support to those it has imprisoned on its plantation of dependence, it can never hope to bring healing or strength to one's emotional health. In fact, the more the individual depends on government, or any other person or entity, for material support, the weaker their emotional and spiritual state becomes.
     The modern American culture actually venerates pity and sympathy over stoicism and self-reliance. A case in point is a woman I know in her late eighties who just lost her ninety year old husband to prostrate cancer that he had been battling for ten years. Even though it has been over six months since his death, the woman thinks nothing of taking every opportunity to burden her neighbors and friends with her emotional baggage from the loss. It has gotten to the point where I think she has a greater need for the sympathy and pity than any loss she feels for her dead husband.
      I think Leftist thinking in this country has convinced people that they are entitled to a life sans sadness, loss, loneliness, or discomfort. Many people have been conditioned by the emotional weakness that Leftist philosophy engenders in human beings, and therefore are unprepared to accept the natural conditions with which humans have dealt for thousands of years, including but not limited to, the death of a loved one. One does not have to travel very far back in our ancestry to find a people that accepted death as part of life and, not as we have done today, recast it as a human tragedy.
     Human beings generally gain emotional maturity as they age, but the Leftist ideology keeps its practitioners in a child-like emotional state throughout adulthood. The deeper hold Leftist thinking has had on our culture, the more juvenile and unable we have become to be emotionally independent. This, of course, is to the advantage of the Left, whose goal it is to grow dependence on government and mitigate dependence on self, even emotional dependence. So the government becomes a parent who stops individuals from being bullied, prevents them from being offended by others, and myriad other functions to mitigate any discomfort that life may bring their way.
     The breeding of emotional weakness in a people that found their voice in history based on their ability to overcome emotional as well as physical barricades, and build the greatest nation in the history of man, has been a slow and deliberate strategy of the Left for the last hundred years. It has accelerated in the last forty years, and sadly has become a run away train that will be very hard to slow, let alone stop. But stop it we must, for the very covenant between a free nation and liberty herself demands it be stopped and those riding be released from their emotional, material, and spiritual prison built by a corrupt and dehumanizing ideology called Leftism.

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