Friday, October 25, 2013

The Smoking Nazis Strike Again !

     The great state of Ohio, in which I reside, has decided to make an attempt to soothe the savage rantings of the smoking Nazis by passing a law making it illegal for Ohioans to smoke in their own vehicles when a child is also riding in the same vehicle. Shockingly, similar laws have been passed in several other states that lie within the borders of what was once the free country of the United States of America. And while these states supposedly support the Constitution of the United States, they have allowed a dishonest and radical group of Leftists to influence laws that restrict citizens liberty and freedom.
     The smoking Nazis are the same people as the global warming Nazis, the lead Nazis, the DDT Nazis, and myriad other categories of Nazis whose real goal is to limit the growth of the citizen's liberty by empowering the growth of government at every level. Their despicable tactics of using children and elderly persons to advance their oppressive agenda is the stuff of totalitarian regimes in third world countries. These statists self-appoint as the protectors of the weak and innocent, characterizing anyone who disagrees with their oppression as uncaring, uncompassionate, and selfish.
     The fact is that there are no credible studies that show second-hand smoke to be a danger to anyone exposed to it. I know this surprises many people, but that is how the Left has corrupted even science. The American Cancer Society sites the Environmental Protection Agency as their source for the dangers of second hand smoke. The EPA has been the conduit for the Leftist agenda for decades, beginning with the ban on the life-saving DDT and continuing through the current global warming scam. But the Left has corrupted science outside the influence of the EPA through organizations like the American Psychiatric Association, which classified multiple personalities as a legitimate affliction based solely on the book Sybil. If what the smoking Nazis said about second-hand smoke was true, none of us would be alive today. I grew up around parents, aunts and uncles and an entire community of adults who smoked. I, just like the rest of my generation, ingested oodles of second-hand smoke and have suffered no ill-effects from it.
      The honest statistical truth is that of persons who actually do smoke, only a third suffer any health problems related to their smoking. The smoking Nazis would have us believe that anyone who is within ten feet of a pack of cigarettes is going to contract cancer or heart problems. But this is the modus operandi of the God-less Left, who have no moral basis for what is evil and what is not, having no belief in the source of morality, God, so they manufacture evil based on a political agenda. It is this manufactured evil which they use to oppress their real enemy, God's gift to humanity, liberty and freedom.

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