Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rules For ObamaCare Radicals

     I am an ObamaCare radical, or better put, an ObamaCare dissident. To borrow a sentiment from Patrick Henry in paraphrase, "Give me free market health care or give me death!" Radical is not a term that I self-apply, but a label that is given to anyone in modern America who believes in the free market principles that men like Patrick Henry fought the most powerful military in the world at the time, just to have the freedom to practice. And while many may subdue their patriot spirits that yearn to be free with acquiescence to bad law, my duty, respect, honor, and dedication is to the law of the Founders contained within the Constitution of the United States of America.
     The first rule for ObamaCare radicals is to mitigate one's need to place one's body in the medical system. This is done by engaging in good health habits, like proper nutrition and exercise. It also involves making choices that do not put one in dangerous or risky situations. This may seem obvious, but the less need there is for a service, the more freedom of choice the individual has over their circumstances.
     The second rule for ObamaCare radicals is never, under any circumstance, place your information into the ObamaCare exchanges. We are under no obligation to follow unconstitutional mandates from an overreaching federal government. We are, however, under an obligation to decency and morality to oppose corruption, whether it rears its ugly head in our personal lives or in the form of oppressive laws passed in the dark of night by a single tyrannical political party.
     The third rule for ObamaCare radicals is to elect persons to the United States Congress and Presidency that will see overturning ObamaCare as a mission worthy of the patriots respect and honor. Men like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and others who have stood against the onslaught of tyranny's arrows, as well as from "friendly" fire, and, even though they may have lost a battle, their honor and integrity remains intact. The election to high office of people who see themselves as servants to the Constitution and not masters over those they govern, is essential to the continued prosperity, liberty, and advancement of this great nation.
     The fourth rule for ObamaCare radicals is to seek out black-market medical care, doctors that will serve for cash. Do not think that these persons will not exist, the American spirit of ingenuity and free market will burn, even in ember, no matter how hard tyrants in government try to extinguish it. It may be difficult to find these sources for health care delivery, but believe me they will exist to be found by those who believe in freedom of choice and liberty of the human spirit.
     Above all else, the ObamaCare radical needs to remain strong and dedicated to the goal of eradicating the health care oppression that has been imposed upon a free nation by those who seek to control it, subdue it, subordinate it, and fundamentally transform it. Finally, remember the words of Thomas Jefferson who wrote, "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." Each generation has their resolve for liberty tested by those whose aim it is to take it away. The liberty of future generations depends on the resolve and the eternal vigilance of the current one.

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