Friday, October 4, 2013

The Second Sacrament Of The Modern Left

     The first sacrament of the modern Left is abortion, they would sooner sell Ronald Reagan posters at a Republicant convention than allow facts to enter the abortion debate that may lead to a hardening of opposition to it. The second sacrament of the modern Left is health care, the government-run kind being the hopes, dreams and aspirations of Leftists since the modern era of progressivism began a hundred years ago. The religiosity that the Left has injected into the commodity of health care which has transformed it into a human right, has also made religious zealots of many Democrats and the President.
     This religious zeal has been on full display lately as Mr. Obama and his flock have tried to rhetorically stone anyone who suggests that the law should be re-worked, or at least slowed down. But to these zealots, Congress' Constitutional authority to amend ObamaCare has been subjugated to the only authority they deem worthy enough to do so, the high priest of health care, Barack Hussein Obama. The watered down compromise by House Republicants to delay ObamaCare implementation took its lead from what President Obama had already done with his proclamation that the employer mandate would be delayed and that 2500 of his closest supporter and donor businesses and organizations would receive a waver from the destructive law that bears his name. He also summarily deemed that the United States Congress would not be subject to the full wrath of the law.
     The slavishly religious devotion to his ideology over politics and governance makes President Obama unique among other Presidents. Every other president, whether they were Republicant or Democrat, has always at least paid lip service to negotiating in good faith with congressional opposition on policy and budgetary issues. Mr. Obama is the first president to publicly state that he refused to negotiate, and even further, said he did not have to offer anything to Republicants in exchange for their cooperation in steamrolling the American public with his oppressive policies.
     The Democrats keep telling Republicants that ObamaCare is the law of the land and they have to accept it. Well thank God that the people of 19th century America did not feel that way about the Dredd Scott decision, or we may still have slavery in our midst. The founders placed specific mechanisms in the Constitution to amend bad laws and repeal even worse ones if they were beyond the bounds of what is constitutionally acceptable. But not even the greatest document ever conceived by the minds of men, the United States Constitution, has any sway over the wild-eyed health care zealots that occupy positions of power in the Democrat party and the federal government. And this fact is to the detriment of that constitution, the great people of the United States of America, and to the very cause of liberty itself.    

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