Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Obama Sin Of Low Aspirations

     As I survey the landscape of the last five years, there are many flash points I see as an impetus for where we find ourselves as a nation. The reckless and deliberate charter of the Obama administration has left this country with more debt, less ability to mitigate that debt, and an assault on individual freedom which some immigrants to this country say they have not seen the likes of since they left totalitarian regimes in their countries of origin with names like the Soviet Union, Cuba, and others.
     But the greatest sin of Barack Obama is not the well-illustrated corruption of billions of taxpayer dollars given to his donors through their phony "green energy" companies like Solyndra and others. Nor is it in the deliberate atrocity of the lack of security in Benghazi, Libya where an ambassador and three other Americans were slaughtered while administration officials watched in real time in the safety of the Whit House, refusing to send help. This most corrupt President in modern U.S. history did not commit the biggest sin of his tenure when he drew a red line for Syrian leader, Bashar Al Assad, then rescinded it after the Russians embarrassed the United States with a show of more influence over world events than America. Barack Obama's biggest sin was not the use of the Internal Revenue Service to suppress the votes of his political opposition by harassing Conservative organizations applying for tax exempt status. Nor is the biggest sin of this President the passage of the most major and sweeping legislation in American history using bribery, graft, intimidation, and unconstitutional budgetary tricks. One would have thought that there could be no sin bigger for a President and his administration than to publicly intimidate the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court into upholding a blatantly unconstitutional law. The major sin of Barack Obama is not the general warrant used to collect phone records and the Internet traffic of tens of millions of innocent Americans.
      The major sin of Barack Obama is the sin of low aspirations. Barack Obama aspires for the U.S. to have a national debt approaching 20 trillion dollars and unfunded liabilities approaching 90 trillion dollars. His sin of low aspirations has driven almost forty percent of working age adults in this country into unemployment, creating the lowest work force participation rate of the last 50 years. Barack Obama aspires for the nation of Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, et al to be a place where wealth creation is punished, dependence is rewarded, and economic growth is almost non-existent compared to its former greatness. Barack Obama aspires for the beacon of hope and freedom in the world that once was the great nation of the United States to be subjugated to the will of Russia and the United Nations. Barack Obama aspires to replace the greatest health care industry in the world that competently served the medical needs of 85% of Americans and replace it with a bureaucratic system that will not and can not serve anyone competently.
     These low aspirations are the deliberate outcomes from a man who has spent his entire adult life in the mediocrity of race-baiting intimidation politics. Barack Obama is a man who sees logic as an enemy and truth as a menace, both of which can tear at the delicate fabric of his ideology which is based on the weakness of dependence and the misery of fear. This is the way of all men who have not the capacity nor the desire to feed and nurture the better angels of human nature found in the cathedrals of liberty and the halls of independence. 

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