Monday, October 28, 2013

Joe Biden, Preaching The Leftist Gospel

     Last Friday night at the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum, Vice President Joe "Laughing Hyena" Biden made what he himself called a "crass" plea for more fundraising to help his party in next Fall's mid-term elections. His "plea" came by way of the circuitous route around the honorable and legitimate goals of the Tea Party, at one point calling them the "biggest impediment to progress in America." The Hyena also used the socialist term "collective" to describe the agenda of the Democrat party, the obvious oppression of the American people being missed by those in attendance who lapped up the Vice President's overheated rhetoric with a child-like abandon.
     Mr. Biden did not, as all Democrats do not when demonizing their political opposition, mention one Tea Party position that actually would impeded progress in America. But then, it is not progress in America that the overly adolescent VP is worried about, but the continued progression of a Leftist agenda that has grown the federal government to a voracious beast that has become almost twenty five percent of the nation's Gross Domestic Product. I can understand why a "grow government beyond the restraints of the constitution" progressive like the Hyena would be threatened by a group of people who preach adherence to the founding principles of limited government, and fiscal responsibility.
     Vice President Biden said that to advance women's rights, the country must elect more Democrats and win back the House and maintain their control of the Senate. Mr. Biden, like most Leftist politicians, have trouble with reality when it is in such stark contrast to their agenda. Someone should remind the crass Vice President that it has been women who have suffered more than men under his boss's economy, losing more wealth and shouldering more unemployment than men. Not only have women faired much worse under Obama's America, but the regime itself is a good old boys club that treats administration females with dismissive male chauvinist arrogance, just ask Anita Dunn, former White House Communications Director, who left the regime in November of 2009. Ms. Dunn complained about her and other administration women being treated as second-class citizens by the President and other administration males.
     One more parenthetical aside about Mr. Biden's speech Friday night is the almost Magna Charta way in which he made reference to women's rights depending on Democrat politicians being in control of an almost four trillion dollar federal behemoth. I say Magna Charta because that was the first time in history that those that governed acknowledged that the governed had rights, albeit rights that the rulers bestowed upon the ruled. The United States Constitution that built this great nation was the first and only time in history that the people's rights were acknowledged as originating from God and that no manmade government could impeded or infringe those rights. So it is the Vice President and his party that wish to regress the U.S. and its citizens to a pre-constitution era in which the ruling class had no limiting principle to restrain their rapacious thirst for power.

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