Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Male "Sin"

     The trend in this country over the last 30 years is towards women having and raising children with no male influence. This is not just teenage mothers, but more and more women in their twenties and thirties are opting for childbirth sans a husband. This form of child rearing has been proven, through modern studies affirming thousands of years of history, to be much less effective in producing children who are balanced and productive citizens. The fact that eighty percent of those in prison come from single-parent homes, should be evidence enough that it is not a desirable way to raise children, especially young males.
     The reason for the trend towards single motherhood is the denounce-ification of all male virtues as sin. The modern culture, driven by Leftist ideology, has deemed the male characteristics of the species to be null and void and a scourge to be eradicated. Over the last 20 years especially, millions of young boys have been medicated with Ritalin and Adderall, ostensibly to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, but in many cases the behavior being treated is the natural male tendencies. Instead of guiding young boys into adulthood by inculcating them with the skills to focus their natural male tendencies in positive pursuits, we have drugged them into numbed androgyny.
     We see the attempt to breed manly qualities out of the culture in entertainment, where more and more leading men in movies, for example, engender fewer John Wayne and Charles Bronson qualities and exhibit behaviors that would be more closely associated with leading ladies. Even the modern fashion industry has tried to festoon young males in an array of evermore increasingly feminine clothing. And male pursuits like the sport of football have become burdened with the desire to regulate out what some consider to be the overly aggressive aspects of the game. In fact, I would not be surprised that within the next twenty years the National Football League transforms professional football into touch football or even a flag football league.
     When male characteristics are discouraged by the culture instead of being developed by way of a strong male role model in the form of a father in a young man's life, the natural male tendencies will reveal themselves in destructive ways to the individual and society. I remember a story about how somewhere in Africa they were having trouble with young, rouge male elephants. These undisciplined and unsupervised adolescent male elephants were wreaking havoc, not only on other families of elephants, but the small villages in the area. The solution to the problem was to bring in older more mature male elephants, who in a very short time taught the rouge youths to behave as male elephants should behave. A lesson that would be valuable for us to learn before we have no collective memory of how real, mature, responsible men ought to conduct themselves in civilized society.

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