Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good Strategy, Bad Execution

     The strategy of House Republicants during this partial shutdown of the federal government of passing individual funding measures, each addressing whichever federal department or program the Democrats are demagoguing that day, is a good one. It has, however, illustrated two character flaws, one on the Left and one on the Right. If this partial shutdown of the federal government can achieve anything at all, shedding a light on the folly that is Leftist ideology and the child-like thinking of Republicants, would be two outcomes that would go a long way to improving, not only the federal government, but the voters' perception of it.
     The House Democrats, in rejecting the funding of Veterans Affairs and National Parks, said that it was unfair for Republicants to make them choose between federal programs to be funded. This statement is illustrative of one of the greatest tyrannies of Leftism, the spending of other peoples' money to fund programs that perpetuate and augment the authority of those in the ruling class. It does not even occur to these Democrats that every responsible individual, family, business, community, state and yes, even country, has to make financial choices based on priority. Most entities following a budget do not have the luxury of unlimited funds to indulge every one of their child-like whims and fantasies. The Democrats' statement exemplifies how they look at the federal government as a big ATM machine that is forcibly funded with tax payers' money which is then used to pay off their political supporters and donors.
     The House Republicants' weakness was best illustrated by Congressman Mick Mulvaney in an interview I heard Wednesday morning. He said, in answer to a question about Republicants' messaging being flaccid and weak, that when you are doing the right thing, people will find out. This has been a problem with the Republicant party for as many years as I can remember. They think that right makes might, but the Democrats political might springs from the essence of what Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said, "Lie big and lie often."
     This inability or unwillingness of Republicants to market their ideas to the public causes their good strategies, like the current one of passing individual funding bills, to be nullified by poor execution. Another example of this Republicant weakness is when ObamaCare was passed into law using the legal but inappropriately unconstitutional process of reconciliation. A process used only for budgetary measures that have bi-partisan support. But the Republicants allowed Democrats to violate the very spirit of the Constitution instead of educating the public with a marketing campaign that pointed out that a major piece of legislation like ObamaCare, which allows the federal government to commandeer 17% of the private economy, was unconstitutionally made law with one-party support in violation of the rules of good and decent lawmaking.
     No one quite knows how and when the current standoff is going to end. But one thing is clear, Democrats will continue to lead the country on a death march towards the Leftist cliff of an ever increasing tyranny because Republicants, while well intentioned, are all the same incapable of making the case for liberty to the American people.

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