Thursday, October 31, 2013

Barack Obama Channels Franklin Roosevelt In Court-Packing Scheme

     Scarcely nothing else but the Hindenburg called ObamaCare has dominated the Conservative airwaves, and weighed heavy on the minds of the health insurance-buying public the last few weeks. And as important as the government take-over of one sixth of the Unites States economy is, one of the mechanisms that will allow future government control is quietly being battled by Senate Republicants. The kind of banana republic behavior in which the Obama administration is engaging now has not been seen to this extent since the 1930s and the Roosevelt presidency. I am of course speaking about court packing.
     In the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt did not take kindly to the fact that the Supreme Court found some of his policies unconstitutional. So he tried to increase the number of Supreme Court justices and "pack" the additional positions with those that would be amenable to his socialist agenda. Currently, President Obama is trying the same strategy with the D.C. Circuit Court, considered to be one of the most powerful in the country, second only to the Supreme Court of the United States. Many important and Constitutionally substantive cases are heard by the D.C. court, and President Obama wants to transform it into a rubber stamp for his radically Leftist policies.
     The D.C. Circuit Court at present has four Republican-nominated justices and four Democrat ones. President Obama wants to add four more justices, which of course will be fellow travelers with him on the road to the socialist Utopia in which all Leftists believe. There is no other reason to add justices to this particular court, because as it is the most powerful Circuit Court in the country, it is also the most under worked. The D.C. Court hears only a third of the cases of the average U.S. Circuit Court. And while his additional nominees to the court would need Senate confirmation, this would be a fait accompli with the Democrat majority in that body and Republicants like John McCain being unwilling to filibuster any of the President's judicial nominees to any court.
     Mr. Obama's attempt to pack the very influential federal court in D.C. is illustrative of the way in which Leftists operate out of necessity. The President knows that in poll after poll the American people have rejected his policies in large numbers. So in order to pass his unpopular agenda he must resort to racial intimidation, as was the case with the Supreme Court's decision on his unconstitutional health care law, or court packing, as is the current modus operandi of his administration. These kinds of tactics also illustrate that those on the Left realize they would never win elections and would forever be relegated to the margins of public life in America, if they were honest about their true agenda. The Obama administration's attempt to quietly pack the D.C. Circuit Court is something about which every freedom-loving American should be outraged, and every dedicated public servant in Congress should be fighting to their last political breath to stop.

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