Friday, October 18, 2013

Conventional Wisdom Values Politics Over Principle

     I purposely subjected myself yesterday to the blathering of moderates on the Right with their conventional wisdom that concluded since Republicants surrendered to Obama and Senate Democrats, that their initial strategy was somehow flawed. These scared mice masquerading as men have been predicting Republicant defeat all along, causing it to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. And the thrust of their blame is not directed towards those who surrendered without a shot, but at Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has been one of the very few warriors for liberty.
     Conventional wisdom said that the Cruz strategy had little chance of winning a political victory, so therefore, should have never been tried. These fools on the Right pushing this brand of conventional wisdom still do not understand what Ted Cruz and the conservative movement is all about. Since when is political victory more important than the very survival of the republic? Since when is political victory more important than taking up arms in the defense of liberty and freedom? Since when is political victory more important than the very lifeblood of this great nation, its founding documents and the principles and values contain within them? So are we as conservatives now expected to accept our representatives in Congress placing a higher value on politics than principles, just like the Democrat representatives?
     These conventional wisdomers who wish to hide and ignore their lack of courage to defend their principles have said that Cruz and the House Republicants' strategy was the wrong one. That it was politically ill-advised. Let me dispel this theory with facts. The American people were behind the Republicants and there were an ever-growing number of them that did not want any part of ObamaCare. President Obama's approval rating hit an all time low during the shutdown. Mr. Obama and the Senate Democrats were nervous that they were losing the battle and that is why, even though they said they would not, they were beginning to negotiate with Republicants. And instead of pushing the Democrats and the President into a hole and burying them, the Republicants let them up and got in the hole themselves. But the conventional wisdomers use polling data to determine strategy instead of reading the defense. It is analogous to a quarterback asking the fans in attendance what play he should run instead of reading the defense on the field and running a play he thinks will defeat them.
     I do not have much sympathy for those who believe in conventional wisdom in this situation, nor do I have any acrimony for them. Conventional wisdom is a salve used to soothe those who do not posses the courage of their convictions. These folks on the Right want to be assured that before they defend conservative principles that they will score a political victory. George Washington did not know if he was going to win the American Revolution, but he still fought it because he believed its principles were worth fighting for, win or lose. I have a little news for the conventional wisdomers on the Right. When the dust clears, and the future is looking for strong leadership, it will be men like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, et al that will be hoisted into the halls of the people's trust over the lifeless political bodies of men like John McCain, John Boehner and others who placed a greater value on politics than principle.

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