Monday, October 7, 2013

The Loss Of U.S. Influence-The Real Obama Legacy

     The partial shutdown of the federal government which commenced last week and will last until President Obama and congressional Democrats decide it is no longer to their political advantage to continue, has unfortunately distracted the American attention and focus away from potentially devastating world events. And while the petulance of Barack Obama is unfortunately the driving force that animates this administration and therefore governs this country, it has also created abandoned global allies and embolden world enemies.
     A glaring case in point is Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East, and one of the United States' best friends in the world. This island of democracy and decency is surrounded by those who wish to destroy her and banish her to the ash heap of history. The reprobate theocracy of Iran, which was facilitated into existence by Jimmy Carter in 1979, has now sprouted and grown into a full-fledged world menace, and an especially dangerous menace to Israel, who Iran has vowed to "wipe off the face of the map." This menace to the moral ethicacy of the human condition has been legitimized, not only by the United Nations, which one would expect, but by the current United States president, Barack Hussein Obama.
     At the recent United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave warning to Iran that Israel will act to prevent their possession of nuclear weapons, and gave notice to the United States that he did not trust the current leadership to do the right thing in Iran specifically and the Middle East in general. This lack of confidence in America from a friend and ally like Israel is not just a difference of opinion between the leaders of these two great nations, but a divergence of the moral ethos which guides all decent nations of the world. It is also a signal that the United States, at least under the leadership of President Obama, has relegated its authority to be a force for good in the world, to meaningless and impotent words of the increasingly liberty-challenged United Nations.
     I have every confidence that Israel, under the leadership of Prime Minister Netanyahu, will be victorious in foiling the profane plans and schemes of Iran. I am not as confident that the United States will be an active participant in that victory, choosing instead under the current leadership to huddle in the comfort of their rabble-rousing domestic community organizing. This loss of ability to influence world events for the good is not only a great loss to the United States, but to the future history of real peace, real justice and real liberty for all the peoples of the world.

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