Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Results Of Barack Obama's Success

     The deafening roar of silence from the main stream media and other Leftist sources in our culture on the new survey information from their government that shows the Obama "recovery" as the first one in recorded economic history to feature a precipitous drop in personal income, is not surprising. It is also not surprising that these same sycophants of Barack Obama have ignored the largest chasm ever between the rich and the poor, that is also part of the same report. After all, this is the same media, et al, that tried to convince the American public that the economic sky was falling during most of the George W. Bush administration when unemployment was under five percent and Gross Domestic Product growth was well over three percent.
     It is no stretch of the nation's collective imagination to say that Barack Obama's fiscal policies have been an abject failure, if one defines success as strong economic growth, a higher work force participation rate companioned with a low unemployment rate, and an increase in the wealth and prosperity of the nation. It would take a deliberately obtuse American to deny that President Obama's strategy to date has been to manage the economic and foreign policy decline of the United States. His statement shortly after taking office that he sought to "even out" the economy and the markets so there would not be highs or lows, is evidence enough. But his recent comments to the markets that the partial shutdown of the federal government was going to be long and protracted, and that the markets should not expect a resolution any time soon, sounded as though it was purposely meant to have a deleterious effect on those markets.
     During every other government shutdown in recent history, whomever was President has worked with the opposition party on a daily basis to tamp down the flames of partisan rhetoric and find a resolution. President Obama appears to be needling his opposition as he refuses to meet with them, adding fuel to an already destructive inferno. All to protect his disastrous signature legislation, ObamaCare. If the President was being honest about wanting to lower unemployment and make the middle class more prosperous, he would pay heed to the realities of outcomes associated with his government take-over of the health care industry. Even the Congressional Budget Office has predicted a loss of jobs and a skyrocketing of premiums for Americans and, at last accounting, a tripling of the original cost to taxpayers than was estimated when the beast was passed into law three and a half years ago.
     I think it is time for those Americans who still support this President, or are inclined to believe that he is just incompetent, to face the truth about Barack Obama that many of us have known for at least five years, i.e., he has deliberate intent to redistribute America's wealth and influence and manage her decline. Those on the Left and the Right who savaged Rush Limbaugh shortly after Barack Obama was elected for saying that he hoped the new President would fail, are now seeing the results of Obama success. It is a future of chronically high unemployment, economic growth suffocated by the growth of government, a lawless executive that chooses which laws are obeyed and which are not, and worst of all, liberty in chains waling at the gates of tyranny begging to be released from her servitude to the usurper of constitutional freedom.

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