Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The "Pale Pastels" Of The Republicant Party

     In order to maintain my optimism and not be driven completely insane, I must believe that history will one day convict the modern Democrat party for its outright lies, deceit, manipulations, and corruption. They have spent the better part of the last half century implementing Bill Ayres' strategy of infiltrating the schools and inculcating their young and impressionable audience with their Leftist ideology born of half-truths, misdirection, and downright deceit. These "students" now populate not only the main stream media, but business, entertainment, and even religion. And in their positions of power and influence, the students advance the agenda of their Svengali teachers who now control the reins of government.
     The latest in a long line of Democrat lies sold to a deliberately dis-informed public is that Republicants are responsible for the partial shutdown of the federal government. According to some polling, a majority of Americans actually have dismissed their own experience and good sense to believe the Democrat lie. Do these Americans not remember that it was Democrats and President Obama who first proffered the concept of a government shutdown before the first salvo of negotiations was even shot across their bow? And with each succeeding compromise offered by Republicants, the President and the Democrats became more entrenched in the position that they would rather see the government shutdown than even talk to Republicants in good faith.
      But it appears, if the polling is to be believed, that too many voters believed that it was Republicants who were being unreasonable and forcing a government shutdown. These same voters also must not be aware that the Republicant-lead House of Representatives sent over a dozen bills to the Senate to fund the areas of the government which were shuttered as a result of the partial shutdown contrived by Democrats. These funding bills, for what Democrats called "essential functions of government", were rejected by the Democrat-controlled Senate. And now the Democrats and President Obama have been able to convince a sizable segment of the voters that if they are not given the authority to borrow and spend as much as they want, the U.S. economy and the world economy will collapse.
     Many on the Right would say that Democrats have been able to convert their lies to truth in the minds of many Americans because of the assistance they receive from a main stream media that lost any remnants of journalistic integrity decades ago. But as much as that is a problem, those on the right have drifted through those same decades being complacent, scared, and dismissive. Republicant politicians have accepted many of the premises of the Left, and only argued about degrees of policy to address them. It has been Republicants abandoning their principles which allows the Left to convince Americans that they are something they are not. If an individual, group, or political ideology does not define itself in what Ronald Reagan called "bold colors and not pale pastels," then someone else will.
     Since many decades have passed in which Republicants have been unwilling to distinguish themselves from Democrats with "bold colors," they have been defined by Democrats as a pastel version of the Left. The Democrats on the other hand have been able to characterize themselves as having been "boldly colored" with principle, only that principle is one of more government and less citizen. It is essential to the survival of individual liberty for those on the Right to define themselves with Reagan's "bold colors" and instill in Americans the desire to make those bold colors resident in their hearts, minds, and lives.


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