Thursday, June 27, 2013

As Illegals Step Out Of The Shadows, The Federal Government Retreats Further Into Them

     Much consternation and analysis has been engaged in recently over the debate on so-called immigration reform. But the core issue of immigration reform as it is currently being discussed has been missed by most on the right and everyone on the Left. While moderates like Marco Rubio and John McCain argue with Democrats over border security, fines paid by illegals on "the pathway to citizenship," how long those now in the shadows will have to wait until they are technically allowed to pop out of the shadows and what restrictions, if any, will be placed on them while they wait,  a much larger and more important issue is being missed. Even larger and more important than what is going to be the source for the additional billions of dollars required to administer these new programs designed to gently coax illegals out of the shadows and bestow them with the privileges of citizenship.
     Beyond the fact that the Rubio gang's immigration bill will turn a bad situation into a worse one, is the fact that it is one more nail in the coffin of Constitutional government, which has made this nation the greatest in history. The Constitutionally antithetical concept of bestowing dictatorial power on the executive branch through the agencies it controls like the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security and others, has accelerated into hyper overdrive with the installation of Barack Obama as President.
     Congress passes laws like ObamaCare, Financial Reform and now, possibly, immigration reform, with hooks in them that basically state that some cabinet secretary has complete discretion how the law is implemented, or even if it is. Much of the specifics of ObamaCare and Financial Reform (Immigration Reform's elder siblings) are written after the law is passed by the United States Congress, in direct violation of our founding principles which require the people's representatives in Congress to be the only entity that creates laws. The founders created this type of system so that those who make the laws are answerable to those who must live by the laws. Cabinet secretaries are answerable to no one but the President. Over the years, a shadow government has been created in this country consisting of bureaucracies that have more power than Congress. The people's Constitutional authority over the lawmakers has been usurped by people like Barack Obama.
     One of the founding tenets of Conservatism is Constitutionalism, so I am perplexed by anyone who calls themselves a Conservative and supports the current immigration reform bill. The bill, along with its brother and sister bills, ObamaCare and Financial Reform, imparts untold and accountable power to unelected bureaucrats whose only function in life is do the President's bidding. Democrat senator, Chuck Schumer said that this bill will eliminate illegal immigration, and he is right. This bill will essentially require that as soon as someone has successfully sneaked over our border illegitimately, they will be handed U.S. citizenship and a Democrat voter registration card. And taking up a post at the welcome wagon will be Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, John McCain and Marco Rubio.

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