Monday, June 3, 2013

The Myth Of Food Deserts

     The newest Leftist scam to separate the United States taxpayer from their hard-earned dollars is the concept of "food deserts." The theory behind alleged "food deserts" is that the evil suburban dwellers have somehow prevented fresh fruits and vegetables from being available in the poverty-stricken inner-cities. This is the reason, so says the purveyors of this ridiculous theory, that so many inner-city dwellers are obese and subject to afflictions from malnutrition. They are forced, through no fault of their own or by personal choice, to eat high caloric, high fat and low nutrient foods.
     This theoretical concept that is being past off by Leftists as a "social justice" issue has no basis in reality, like most Leftist initiatives. In Cleveland, Ohio near where I live, the supposed "food desert" has within its boundaries multiple super markets where one may purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. There also exists the Port Authority-run West Side Market, that is open four days a week and is easily accessible by public transportation, to which free passes are available for most of the poor within the city of Cleveland and the outlying areas. The Market features all the fresh food anyone could ever want, sold by independent vendors. Over a hundred years ago folks use to spend a day or two traveling in horse-drawn wagons from far away locations to attend the Market. And today, some folks do not posses the motivation to hoist their obese butts onto a free bus to travel a few minutes to avail themselves of all the fresh foods sold at the Market. 
     The "food desert" scam is a Leftist device to use the poor as an impetus to receive funding for a non-existent problem. This is a favorite tactic of the Left used for the purpose of confiscating more taxpayer money and growing the size and scope of government. Even if fresh fruits and vegetables were not available throughout the inner-city, public transportation into the suburbs, where the fresh, nutritious food is being hoarded by greedy suburbanites, is so ubiquitous that an inner-city dweller can be within reach of the life-saving sustenance within minutes of leaving their home. But those on the Left that evangelize for the false faith of "food deserts" are actually doing their intended beneficiaries a disservice, which is the result of most Leftist policies. By subsidizing the distribution of certain foods into an area, the cost of all foods in that area increases. Not to mention the harm it does to individuals when they are deliberately taught that control over something as personal as their nutrition is not theirs, but lies within the purview of people who dwell elsewhere.
     The "food desert" strategy is illustrative of what President Obama's first Chief of Staff, Rohm Emanuel, said after Barack Obama won election to the Presidency in 2008. He said, "You never want to let a crisis go to waste, because it gives you the opportunity to do things you wouldn't normally be able to do." The only thing missing from this statement to make it a completely accurate depiction of Leftist tactics as they apply to "food deserts" is, "When there is no crisis of which to take advantage, create one."  One last thought. If Leftists who proffer the "food desert" propaganda actually think the only reason that inner-city dwellers don't eat nutritious foods is that it is being kept from them, why do they not use their own money to open and operate businesses in these areas that feature fresh fruits and vegetables?    

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