Friday, June 28, 2013

The Arrogant Ignorance Of The DOMA Decision

       I have listened intently to all the analysis of this week's Supreme Court decision to strike down part of the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA for all you abbrevitists), signed into law by Bill Clinton in the 1990s after it was passed by a Democrat Congress. And although Justice Kennedy, in his majority opinion, intimated that Bill Clinton and his fellow Democrats were bigots for ever passing the law in the first place, this is one of the few times I find myself on the side of a Bill Clinton decision. But the issue is not whether people who believe in traditional marriage are the narrow-minded reprobates that Justice Kennedy accuses them of being or whether or not a homosexual relationship is somehow equal to that between a man and a woman. The answer to both these questions can only be logically answered in the negative.
     The real issue of the court's decision is that five out of nine justices on the Supreme Court of the United States put themselves above not only their Constitutional role, but also the natural law upon which the U.S. Constitution is built. The founders created a Constitution that acknowledges natural law as the best and only basis upon which to organize a society. They further realized that no government can dole out rights like free hot dogs at a business opening, they acknowledged that the rights of free people come from God. One of the most fundamental natural laws of a thriving and moral society is the concept of marriage being between one man and one woman for the purpose of procreating, and raising the offspring of that procreation to be contributing members of the society in which they reside. What could be more basic to the continuing existence of a society than the raising of children? Over the thousands of years of known human existence, no other relationship has been proven to be better for accomplishing that goal than that of a married man and woman who have committed themselves, not only to each other, but to their children?
     Sometimes the level of foulness and disgust that pours forth from some men's mouths is far greater than the debris that pours forth from any other orifice of the human body. Illustrative of this proposition is President Obama's celebratory statement on the Court's decision. In one statement, President Obama, not only disparaged and denounced a majority of Americans (many who voted for him, as Hispanics and blacks overwhelmingly support traditional marriage) but thousands of years of human tradition and culture built upon the morality that exists as a result of natural laws. Not to acknowledge that the relationship between a homosexual couple is different than that between a heterosexual one, is not only the height of folly and ignorance, but it misses the uniqueness of the sexes.
     Redefining marriage to include same sex couples is like redefining a mortgage borrower to include people with no down payment or proof of income...Oh wait Democrats actually did that as part of their last big push to make everyone equal, and it brought us one of the biggest financial meltdowns in our nation's history. It seems natural laws and reason are in affect whether or not Democrats or the Supreme Court of the United States recognize them. We ignore natural laws like gravity and the definition of marriage to our own peril, for we shall surely suffer the consequences of our arrogant ignorance.


  1. I cannot believe the degradation of our culture in the past few years. If someone is upset because they cannot receive a pension or hospital visit from their significant other then the laws should be changed to accommodate them. I see no reason why an individual should not be able to leave possessions to another. But to bastardize the meaning of marriage for the pursuit of wealth etc. is an abomination. That's my opinion. Too bad, so sad.

    1. It is the Leftist plan to destroy the very institutions which have made this country great over the last 200 plus years.

  2. This is exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany.History repeats. But this time there is so much more at stake. We are talking about America, which is built upon the principles of God. Morality taking a huge hit. Much worse is all the technological advances are hidden from the people. Reason so The Elite&Ruling Class Elite plan to destroy all Americans & the entire population on Earth, excluding themselves of course. Why we need to act. Knowledge is power.We must keep up the good fight. Once again good will triumph over evil. God is watching. He will not allow a pack of Satan's minions destroy us. But still we must keep on fighting. God will not intervene if nobody cares. Just read the bible. Its all in there.
    Re DOMA should never have even been forced to be enacted. MARRIAGE IS ONLY ACCEPTABLE BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. Finances should never be a part of that decision. God will pass judgemnt since his words are clear on this matter.
    This lawless criminal president must be removed from office. He is not a natural born US president. Real Experts have declared Obama's birth certificate is a fake. Sheriff Joe in AZ is calling for impeachment based on this very FACT NOT THEORY. Although we all know Obama has committed so many more crimes against America and Americans. We all know what they are. I won't go into them here.