Saturday, June 29, 2013

Same-Sex Marriage: A Power Grab By The Left

     The arguments supporting the proponents of traditional marriage are thousands of years of tradition, the logic of natural law that has ruled the world since the dawn of man, the moral standing of the world's major religions and the attributes of every successful society throughout recorded history. The argument supporting the proponents of same-sex marriage is, "Marriage equality now!" Ask anyone who supports same-sex marriage, and that is the only basis for what they believe, that the current definition of marriage is to confining and excludes people who love each other just as much as any traditional married couple, but just happened to be homosexual.
     There is certainly nothing wrong with equality as it applies to the application of the law or the opportunities afforded every citizen of this country. But the Lefts idea of equality is aimed at blurring the lines between differences and even denying that any differences exist. The argument from the pro-same-sex marriage crowd ignores the fact that men and women are different, and therefore a relationship between one man and one woman is different than a relationship between two men or two women. And if they are different, they can not be identified using the same term. By using the same term to obliterate variances between these relationships, one is saying that there is no difference between men and women, and therefore it makes no difference who an individual marries. If this is the case, then polygamy should now be legal as well as marriage between any entities that love each other.
      Same-sex marriage is exemplary of the Lefts obsession with equality. Everything and everyone must be equal in the eyes of the Left, even if that equality is to the detriment of truth, fairness and natural law. There is no greater sin against nature than to say each man's labor must be valued at the same rate, and therefore the wealth of one man must be redistributed, through government, to another man whose labor, the free market, has not valued as highly as the first man. And yet the Left commits this sin through advocating policies which do exactly that. A similar sin is committed against nature when the Left advocates for the destruction of marriage through its ever expanding inclusion. Marriage by its very nature is exclusionary, just as the sexes of male and female are exclusionary.
     The Lefts aim in destroying marriage is to destroy the foundation of self-reliance, the family. Fewer strong families means more dependence on government, which is the ultimate goal of every Leftist policy. It is no coincidence that 30 years ago homosexuals did not give a hoot about marriage until Leftists in the ruling class told them they should. If there is one area in which the Left excels it is convincing groups of people that they are victims, thereby increasing the Lefts power over the other segment of the population who are the supposed victimizers. This kind of soft tyranny makes victims of us all and slowly corrodes the very foundations of liberty and freedom.

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