Friday, June 14, 2013

The Triple Threat Of The Obama Data Mining Operation

     The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is an Alinskyite bureaucracy created by the Obama administration to ostensibly keep the evil banks and other financial institutions from cheating the American people out of their hard-earned money. I just wonder when a bureau is going to be created to protect the American people against the Obama administration from doing the same thing.
     Richard Cordray was assigned the position of head snoop at the CFPB by a recess appointment made by President Obama when the U.S. Senate was not actually in recess. The President knew Mr. Cordray would not legitimately pass a confirmation vote. But that is how this administration operates, separate Congress from their Constitutional authority when they stand between Barack Obama and his agenda. The CFPB collects data on every financial transaction made in this country by its citizens and looks for crimes having been committed, sound familiar? Mr. Cordray's jack-booted accountants are given even more latitude to snoop into law-abiding Americans finances by the Financial Reform Act, also known as Dodd/Frank.
     The data collection under the guise of protecting our finances dovetails nicely for the Obama administration into the data collection being done by the National Security Administration with our phone records. The President mischaracterizes (deliberately or through ignorance) the data being amassed by the NSA from carriers like Verizon, as meta data. This terminology is misleading as to what is actually being collected. The phone records are pointer data, which are keys to a myriad other personal data about law-abiding Americans. Think of the "meta data" as your home's address, the address is not your actual home but would lead someone to your physical home were all your valuables are stored. The phone records being collected by the Obama administration provide them with links to a store house of personal information about every American citizen.
     With the financial data being collected by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the phone data being collected by the National Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service collecting medical information on every American as part of their job administering ObamaCare, this government is going to have every personal detail of every U.S. citizen. And with the Obama administration's propensity to use such data to destroy any opposition to their unpopular agenda having been well-documented by the IRS scandal, the privacy implicitly guaranteed by the Constitution is looking more and more like a casualty of the ignorance that elected Mr. Obama twice.     
     I am still flummoxed by those on the right that support this mass data mining and collection operation by an administration that has proven itself untrustworthy again and again. Some men would have been appalled by such government apparatus, men named Madison, Franklin, Jefferson and Adams among others who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honors to the cause of fighting such tyranny. Today men named Boehner, Graham, McCain and others so easily give away the hard-fought freedoms for which honest patriots died.   

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  1. I can't stand how they throw around the word "minimization" when they talk about prism. Minimization is a type of computational algorithm which is used to seek a better solution to a problem. If I have a set of points and want the best circle, I can use minimization to find the circle with the minimum distance to those points. But prism isn't finding a circle, and bringing up minimization tells me nothing about what they are minimizing, only that they have data to use with it, probably data they have no specific warrant for! They could be minimizing the next election for all I know!