Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The "Gang Of Whatever" Strategy

     Unfortunately, every time Conservatives put their faith in a new Republicant standard bearer that is going to save the party, thereby saving the Republic, we are disappointed. The latest entrant is Marco Rubio. Just when we were all starting to heal from the Chris Christie betrayal, here comes Marco Rubio, looking like the successor to John McCain as the Republicant party moderate. The problem with those who occupy the middle of the road is that they insure that they will face an increased danger of being run over by both sides.
     It has always fascinated me how the call for moderation comes mainly from the Left, but is directed entirely to, Conservatives. There are never any calls from the media, or even the "reach across the aisle" club in the Republicant party, for even a modicum of moderation on the part of anyone on the Left. It has become so bad in recent years, that bi-partisanship has been redefined as Republicants moderating their position to be more aligned with Democrats. Never is the inverse even a vague suggestion. The record alacrity shown by Senator Rubio to moderate, and the redefinition of bi-partisanship to mean Republicants shifting their position to be parallel with that of Democrats, are amply illustrated by the current immigration debate.
     My opinion is that providing a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens is like providing free cash to bank robbers or free cars to car thieves. I had had some hope that Republicants were going to show some spine and insist on border security first and foremost before any other changes to the immigration system were implemented by Congress. But the gang of eight bill has no real enforcement teeth. And the fines that illegals would have to pay on their "pathway to citizenship" are now being walked back by Democrats and Republicants alike. So the gang of eight bill is looking more like it was written by a gang of eight Democrats.
     I fail to understand why some Republicant senators insist on falling for the rope-a-dope tactic of the Left inherent in the "gang of whatever" strategy. It always ends in disaster for Republicants and the nation at large. The last most memorable (or forgettable depending on how one looks at it) was the gang of 14 during the Bush administration. The Democrats were filibustering every judicial nominee who was not a devoted Leftist. The Republicants threatened to use the nuclear option, which eliminated filibusters for judicial nominations and required a simple up and down vote, which at the time Republicants could have won for most of President Bush's nominees. John McCain, six other Republicant and seven Democrat senators agreed that the Republicants would not allow the nuclear option to be employed and Democrats would not allow filibusters on judicial nominees, except in extreme cases. The loss for Republicants was that "in extreme cases" meant only Left-leaning judges avoided that classification, hence we ended the Bush years with many federal judgeships being filled by activist judges who do not subscribe to original intent with regards to the Constitution.
     I am not at all sure if Democrats are that smart, or Republicants are just that stupid, but one thing is clear, the "gang of whatever" strategy seems to work for Democrats. Unfortunately, most of what works for Democrats politically is bad for the country and requires a loss of liberty on the part of those of us who still believe it is the best principle around which to organize a society.

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