Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Precipitous Slide Into The Abyss Of Tyranny

     Pericles, the great Greek statesman and orator, said that courage is the secret to democracy. That sentiment was never better illustrated than it was by the victims of the Internal Revenue Service during their testimonies before a Congressional committee on Tuesday, June 4, 2013. These everyday Americans who wanted to get involved in making their country better because they saw it heading down the wrong path, had their patriotism met with tyranny from their government. These mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who were housewives, lawyers, dentists and nurses were treated like criminals by those charged with serving them, all because their ideas threatened the radical agenda of the current administration.
     The stories of the rampant corruption of government harassment based on an individuals or a group's political ideas, was aptly told by the victims. Their stories ranged from endless delays for tax-exempt status lasting years (while the President's half-brother had his application approved in 30 days and managed to get it back-dated two and a half years to make donations he collected during that time illegally, legal), to being asked questions of confidentiality the tax Nazis at the IRS had no business knowing. One Right To Life group was told all their board members would have to sign a statement saying the group would not demonstrate or protest in front of Leftist churches, also known as Planned Parenthood. When confronted by the group's lawyers about the illegalities of such a request, the IRS backed off. My question is that since the group's lawyers must have spoken with someone in the IRS legal department, did they not think that agents making illegal requests of applicants was worth investigating or at least reporting to a higher ranking official in the organization?
     The fact that this scandal involves over 500 Conservative organizations, almost a hundred agents of which we are currently aware and the fact brought to light by the Right To Life group's experience that superiors in the IRS knew of this practice, all points to this behavior being directed by the administration as a matter of policy. The Left likes to say there is no evidence that President Obama had any knowledge or involvement in the illegal behavior at the IRS, I say "Poppycock." I can produce dozens of audio clips where the President said Conservative groups like the Tea Party were spreading hate, funded by shadowy foreign sources and a threat to democracy. Are public statements like these not directives to his underlings of a policy direction. Would an underling in the marketing department of a corporation not act on his CEO making public statements about a competitor?
     Democrat Senator, Jim McDermitt, said the IRS scandal is a charade. This statement is illustrative of Leftists' total disdain for the liberty of the governed. The right of the people to express themselves freely when that expression is antithetical to the Leftist agenda, is a right Democrats and others on the Left cavalierly dismiss. Mr. McDermitt does not seem at all concerned that the IRS was being used by the Obama administration to destroy the liberty and right of free speech for a group of Americans based solely on their political ideas. It is easy to surmise for which side of the American Revolution Senator McDermitt would have fought, he would not have stood with the Sons of Liberty.
     The behavior of the IRS is the very essence of Thomas Jefferson's definition of tyranny, which is when the people fear the government. The opposite sentiment is liberty, i.e., when the government fears the people. The fact that there are not outraged Americans taking to the streets in protest over such a blatant violation of liberty, makes me highly concerned for the continued existence of this republic. Until the people of this nation take their rightful place out of the cowering corner they currently occupy and make their government fear them, we will continue this precipitous slide into the abyss of tyranny.

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