Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Syrian Dilema

     Senator John McCain went over to Syria and bought the Brooklyn Bridge for a song from the Syrian "rebels." Well, he may as well have, he bought their sales pitch that they were dedicated to bringing a form of democracy to Syria once the United States armed them against Bashar al-Assad. The part-time Republicant Senator and full-time tool of the Lefts "non-partisanship", has joined opinions, if not forces, with Secretary of State John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry, in being desirous of arming the Syrian rebels against their brutal dictatorial government.
     The only problem with the analysis of the foolish like John Kerry, John McCain and others is that the rebels are not in any way, shape, manner or form freedom fighters or supporters of liberty for the Syrian people. According to Friends of mine, who left Syria several years ago, and are still well-connected to their former homeland by family and friends, the rebels are terrorists who have used the Syrian people's dissatisfaction with their government to impose Sharia law and replace the Assad regime with an extreme Islamist theocracy. Both the regime of Assad and the terrorist rebels engage in, among other acts of atrocity, persecution of Christians.
     Many middle-east experts, such as Colonel Ralph Peters and Andrew McCarthy, have wisely pointed out that the time for U.S. intervention in Syria has long since passed. The "lead-from-behind" President Obama squandered the opportunity to save lives and change the face of the middle-east as it relates to Bashar al-Assad's influence over it, when he refused to support intervention a year ago, before the rebellion was high-jacked by Al Qaeda-style terrorists. President Obama's Syrian blunder is reminiscent of his refusal to support reform in Iran during their election of 2009 when the aftermath produced the green party's demonstrations for change. This President has so little regard for the cause of liberty that he refused to even give moral support through his words.  
     I remember hearing Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, author and favorite target for persecution by the Soviet government, saying that it gave the victims of Soviet oppression in the gulags and elsewhere hope and strength when President Reagan called the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire." For the first time, says Solzhenitsyn, a powerful world leader publically recognized what those in the Soviet gulags had known for their entire lives but never heard expressed on the world stage by any of its leaders, i.e., the brutal oppression practiced by their government against its people. Sadly, our current President has no such courage or ability to discern truth. The lack of leadership on the part of President Obama has not only been deadly for the eighty thousand plus Syrians who have been slaughtered in recent months, but for the entire stability of the region and the ripples that instability causes around the world. 

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