Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Loss Of Parental Authority And The Growth Of Government

     In the early 1980s, just when the condom industry was descending from its record sales achieved in the 1960s and 1970s as a result of the "Free Love" movement, along came AIDS, the best thing to happen to the prophylactic business since the invention of latex. The condom companies, aided by  debris from the sixties culture, were convincing a whole generation of children that it was okay to have sexual intercourse as long as one used a condom. They did such a great job spreading their propaganda, that many from that generation still believe that there is an AIDS epidemic, and the lowly condom is the only thing that can save humanity. It turns out neither is true.
     The average condom does not have much ability to stop the transmission of the AIDS virus, this is not politics talking but science. The latex from which condoms are constructed have microscopic pores in them, measured scientifically in microns. The average pore is about four microns wide, much too small for the average sperm to squeeze through, but wide enough to accommodate one thousand of the AIDS virus side-by-side. So why did the Left and the condom industry mislead people as to the effectiveness of condoms against the AIDS virus? Well, the industry's motives are purely profit driven, the Lefts motivation was to expand the role of government in your child's life through the union-run education system. Once the Left was able to convince parents that their children were going to have sex no matter what, and that they put themselves at risk of contracting the AIDS virus unless government programs were established and well-funded to hand out condoms in schools as a bizarre form of "sex education", they were able to increase their control and influence over an entire generation of children. Again, I turn your attention to a Plato-ism that I have presented in this blog before, "The two most important questions in a society is who is teaching the children, and what are they teaching them."
     The fact that parents in the modern age have subjugated their parental rights to that of government influence over their children, is shocking and destructive to our culture. One of the most fundamental jobs of parenting is to teach children self-restraint and self-discipline, neither of which is present in the argument, "Well they are going to have sex anyway, may as well make sure it is safe." Handing kids condoms and telling them that if they do decide to engage in sexual intercourse they should be safe about it, is like giving them an unlimited gift certificate to the candy store and telling them to moderate their sugar intake. But then many parents of the modern age have no self-restraint or self-discipline themselves, hence the multi-billion dollar diet industry that thrives on a lack of both.
     Life is not easy, but it is much harder when one gives into every whim, desire and impulse resident in the human heart. That is why God gave use a mind, to reason and evaluate the best course of action for our lives. The right course is not always the path of least resistance, many times that path leads to self-destructive behavior which also depletes our community. This is exactly why the Left condones and promotes such destructive practices, it allows a wide berth for government to grow into and exert its authority into areas of our lives it has no moral right or Constitutional charter to occupy. The lessons of self-restraint and self-discipline that should be inculcated in every child by their parents, are an enemy of Leftism and a threat to its very existence. That is why if we are to have any hope of beating back the barbarians at the gate who bombard us daily with an ever growing government, we must raise children that are self-reliant, self-disciplined and self-restrained.      

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