Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Game Of Identity Politics, Not Just For Democrats Anymore

     The fifteen Republicant senators who voted with Democrats for passage of the thousand page debacle known as "Immigration Reform", are committing a fatal error in judgment that Republicants can not seem to avoid in recent years. And it is not only the Republicant senators, but others on the right, including some in talk radio, that have allowed Democrats to convince them that Hispanics will give their votes to Republicant candidates in greater numbers if they would only support amnesty. Besides the obvious flaw in logic of these people on the right who think Democrats actually want to help them garner more votes from a majority Democrat voting block, is the fact that most legal Hispanics do not support amnesty for those who are not.
     It is ironic that just a couple of years ago in his race against Charlie Crist for the seat he currently occupies in the U.S. Senate, the man with the rapidly disappearing career, Marco Rubio, said that any kind of "pathway to citizenship" is just amnesty and will not solve the illegal immigration problem. In being the poster child for how to destroy your career by associating yourself with the extreme moderates in the party like John McCain, Marco Rubio has pushed the current legislative attempt at increasing the Democrat voter base by using the exact term "pathway to citizenship."
     Republicants in and out of the senate were mollified into supporting the immigration bill by an amendment to double the number of border guards and complete the 700 mile security fence. The building of the fence was a previous promise in law which the Democrats have made sure has gone unfulfilled, and the increase in border guards will never happen on a permanent basis. It is embarrassing how many times dunder-headed Republicants like John McCain can be fooled into voting for bills that are good for Democrats and bad for the country. The current bill gives complete discretion to the Secretary of Homeland Security with regards to how the specifics of the bill are implemented, or even if they are implemented. Secretary Janet Napolitano has already publicly stated that she does not support the building of the fence. So once again Democrats promise the moon to get amnesty for a fresh supply of an under-class who will slavishly vote to keep them in power in order to keep taxpayer-funded benefits flowing. And none of the security aspects of this bill will have to be implemented if Janet Napolitano does not want them to be, which I would bet my last dollar, she will not.
     Senator Lindsey Graham recently admitted that Republicants like him are not supporting this immigration reform bill because it is the right thing to do for the country, but because he thinks Hispanics do not like Republicants, and by giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, he and his cohorts can ensure that Hispanics will magically turn out for Republicants at the polls. What Senator Graham and others on the right who support the current immigration reform bill are doing is giving away the farm for some magic beans that hold the false promise of growing them electoral success. Remember that even had Mitt Romney received seventy percent of the Hispanic vote in last fall's election, he still would have lost. Democrats have always participated in the reprehensible practice of identity politics, but now it seems they have company from the right in the form of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and others.  


  1. according to Rush the Hispanic vote was 8% of the vote and if they had voted for Romney 70% he would still have lost. However, the Black vote increased by elderly black women voting in a greater number. Perhaps the Republican party should begin to go after old black women and forget the Hispanics. It's time the Republican party began to stand for something and learn to voice that belief instead of going on goose chases to get more votes from imaginary voters.

    1. Exactly right, the Republicants should articulate Conservative values and defend the Constitution, and not play identity politics.