Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Oppresive Nature Of The NSA Fishing Expedition

     Last week in a speech, President Obama said that if the people can not trust government, then we have a problem. As per usual, the President exhibited either his disdain for the founding of this great nation or his ignorance of it. It is trust placed in government by the governed that results in the very behavior exemplified by the many recent Obama administration scandals. And the Founding Fathers of this nation built its government in the way that they did precisely because of their inherent mistrust of government. They implored their progeny to always have a similar distrust in order to ensure the blessings of liberty. The framers of the Constitution knew that once the sewage of big government was allowed to pollute the pool of liberty, the pathogens of tyranny would grow and multiply, resulting in the cancer of oppression.
     One of the most venomous aspects of the growing Leftist ideology over the last 50 years has been the destruction of the moral certitude and basis upon which this nation was founded. This concept is no better illustrated than by the National Security Administration scandal, whereby the people's government continues to seize a billion phone records a day of average Americans from Verizon and other wireless carriers, all in the name of national security. It is shocking that those on the right, especially those who claim to be conservative, have stated that they see nothing wrong with the blatant invasion of privacy by the NSA. They squeamishly proffer the argument that this mitigation of our natural rights guaranteed by the Constitution, is necessary to protect us from the threat of terrorism. I have even heard some on the right say that since there are no victims as of yet, that have had their lives affected in any negative way, that this big government program is OK, no harm, no foul. Are we to accept that the government is only restricted by the enumerated powers in the Constitution when there occurs a victim from one of their policies? By then it is too late to reverse course, the founders knew this and that is why they severely limited the powers of the Federal government.
     We should never allow crisis to be the driver of government policies, which nibble at the fringes of the founding principles of this country, causing the winds of federal power to become so great that they overcome the very moorings of liberty. This is what has occurred in recent decades, and the most destructive outcome of this growing Leftism is not the lack of morality, but a total moral inversion. The moral inversion which teaches that freedom is a ticket to irresponsibility and that liberty can only be ensured by bigger and bigger government. The fact that so many on the right and in the middle have succumbed to the immorality that sees the mass confiscation of citizens' phone records as no big deal, is proof of our tittering on the cliff that jets out above the abyss of tyranny and oppression.

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