Friday, June 21, 2013

The Long And Winding Road Of Deception

     The recent tumble in the stock market on fears that Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, is going to stop, or at least mitigate, the Fed's bond buying program that has propped up the market for the last three to four years, is ample evidence that the market would not be at its current levels based on fundamentals in the economy or the market. Ben "Bozo" the Fed Chairman knows the gig is almost up and the bottom is going to fall out, and he only needs to prop up the market for a few more months until his term ends at the beginning of next year and he can secure himself a lucrative position at some university. His boss, President Obama, does not have to run again and any collateral damage from the debacle of an economy they have created can be blamed on intransigent Republicants, which will minimize the effects to Congressional Democrats in next year's mid-term elections.
     The soldiers should all be at attention for anyone with the courage to face the truth that this has all been planned from the beginning. The Obama administration, in the person of Rohm Emanuel, said they were going to use the crisis to push through policies that would not be possible without the fear and uncertainty that was stoked by the President's rhetoric when he was a candidate. Had the economy been festooned in a 4.9 percent unemployment rate (the average rate for the entire Bush administration) and Gross Domestic Product Growth of 3 to 4 percent (again, the average under George W. Bush), the Obama gang would not have been able to impose an almost trillion dollar stimulus that went to his union buddies as well as ObamaCare and financial reform. The most spectacular slight-of-hand was used on the American people to convince them that since the stock market was roaring back to life, so was the economy. People began to think that even though they were not doing well, others must be because the stock market more than doubled in four years. Just the opposite tact was used by Democrats during the Bush administration when both the economy and the market were booming, and yet people were convinced by Democrat rhetoric that even though they were doing well, their neighbors were not..
       But the slight of hand began long before Barack Obama slithered onto the national political stage. The Democrats, through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, created the sub-prime mortgage market with adjustable rate mortgages, which were set to rise in 2008. As interest rates rose, and the people with loans who could not afford them began to default, the investment vehicles comprised of those loans began to become worth less and less. This caused ripples throughout the financial markets which had been told by the government that these loans were stable (Remember Barney Frank and other Democrats pushing Fannie Mae stock as a solid investment?). The private insurance on these investments, called credit default swaps, defaulted with the sheer volume of bad mortgages, and companies like American International Group did not have the funds to cover the defaults. This was all engineered to happen in 2008 by Democrat control of the mortgage industry through Fannie and Freddie, who underwrote 80 percent of the mortgages in this country. This bomb had a timer that was set to explode just before the 2008 election, giving whomever the Democrat candidate was, the Presidency.
     The one two punch to the mortgage industry comprised of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac making the rules for the mortgage industry, which was basically that there were no rules, and Democrats in Congress lowering standards for mortgage brokers, destroyed not only the industry but nearly the U.S. economy. The mortgage market was flooded with charlatan brokers, freshly created by Democrats in Congress, who were able to operate in an environment with few rules, also created by Democrats through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The recent rise in the stock market and its subsequent coming crash has all been scripted by Democrat policy and Leftist ideology. The President needed to reward Wall Street, two thirds of whom voted for and supported him in both his bids for the White House, hence the rising stock market artificially created by Ben Bernanke. But the long and winding road of deceit began long before this community agitator we call a president took control of the government and forever transformed it from a government by, for and of the people into a tool of Leftist elites who use it to impose their will upon a once free people.

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