Friday, June 7, 2013

The Immorality Of The Modern "Public Servant"

     People who have no moral foundation, or aptitude for it, can sometimes be shamed into doing the right thing. The problem we currently face with our government, and its leaders like Barack Obama and Eric Holder, is that they have neither a moral compass or the capacity for shame. Beyond their disdain for decency, Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder have no desire for moral clarity or certitude and act as if their feet would catch fire if they stepped onto the righteous path that use to serve as a highway for United States public servants.
     The attitude exhibited by our President and Attorney General is not limited to them, but is endemic in too many "public servants" of the modern era. Six of the richest districts in the United States are in the Washington D.C. area, it is by far one of the wealthiest areas of the country. This area is almost entirely populated by "public servants" who have become millionaires through matriculation into the university of government workers. Former President, Bill Clinton, lived in public housing his entire adult life and has only worked government jobs, but has somehow managed to become a multi-millionaire. His wife, the disgraced former Secretary of State, worked for the Rose law firm in Arkansas only because her husband Bill was the state Attorney General and then Governor, she never actually tried a single case during her tenure at the firm. She was what they call a "rainmaker." She, as the wife of the Attorney General, and then as wife of the Governor, met with prospective clients to impress them.
       The corruption of the term "public servant" has transpired right under the noses of the governed. We have allowed those who enter public life as middle-class to rise into the ether of wealth with incomes of which average Americans can only dream. We have allowed politicians to scare us into voting for higher taxes on ourselves to support public sector union contracts that benefit a select group of people, including the politicians who threaten to take away our essential services like police, fire and teachers unless we pay our pound of flesh in tribute to the mighty "public servants." We have struggled to live frugally and save for our retirements for 40 to 50 years while "public servants" have spent their bloated salaries like drunkin' sailors and then retire after twenty or twenty fives years of "service." We resolve ourselves to labor in the ditch of employment to support these "public servants" for forty years or more in retirement, all while our cities, states and country go broke from their greed and sense of entitlement.
     Someone once said that democracy can only succeed when practiced by a moral people, and if no one said it, I am saying it now. It is time we put "servant" back into "public servant" and not allow these essential parts of our republic to bankrupt the very nation they are supposed to be serving.

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