Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Redheaded Step-Child Of Issues

   With the focus of the American people, at least those interested enough in their freedom to pay attention, on the myriad scandals of the Obama Administration, immigration reform is the redheaded step-child of current issues. While focus has been placed on the National Security Administration spying on law-abiding citizens through their phone transactions, the Internal Revenue Service using its rather large and bloated authority to suppress Conservative free speech and votes in the last presidential election, the Eric Holder Justice Department spying on reporters and their families and the Benghazi debacle still lurking in the shadows, the American people have not been focused on so-called immigration reform. But they should be.
     The fact that Democrats and even some Republicants like Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsey Graham want to reward people for breaking our laws, is beyond the good sense of a country based on the rule of law. Of course a fifth grade, most of which are smarter than most members of the United States Congress, could ascertain that the Democrats want immigration reform as a foot-in-the-door to creating 11 million new Democrat voters, thereby keeping them in control of the federal government in perpetuity. This is reality, what is not reality is Republicants like the aforementioned, thinking that by allowing amnesty (that is what we are talking about with the current immigration reform bill being discussed, let us not fool ourselves) they will ingratiate themselves and their party to Hispanics and garner more of their votes. That kind of pandering is beneath the dignity of conservatism, besides it does not work. The Republicant nominee for president, George H.W. Bush received fewer Hispanic votes in 1988 than did Ronald Reagan in 1984, even after President Reagan signed the first amnesty bill in 1986, giving 3 million illegals legal status.
     Republicants like Marco Rubio have been caught with their pants down with regards to immigration reform. Saying for months that they would stand four square in favor of border security first, then having to back track in order to cover Senator Rubio's comments on Spanish-language TV, Univision, that under the gang of eight bill, legalization would come before anything else. This revelation that they have no intention of being tough on border security makes one wonder if the other "tough" provisions of the bill will also fall by the side of the road as the immigration reform truck runs over the rule of law in this country. I can foresee, for instance, the case being made that it is against illegal immigrants' civil rights to deny federal benefits to any of them who are in process of becoming legal.
     I know it is difficult in our culture of dichotomy that provides us with information at our fingertips, yet has produced one of the most ill-informed and sheep-like populations in our history, to grasp the importance and ramifications of every issue that affects them. But if the American people, and especially Conservatives, do not pay close attention to immigration reform as it is currently being discussed, this redheaded step child may become a problem child that will require a larger and larger chunk of our nation's resources.

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