Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Sexism Of Feminism

     The modern feminist movement began in the 1960s, and the so-called sexual freedom that resulted from it, could not have benefited sexist men that feminists say they are against, more than had they created the movement themselves. The major goals of sexist men and that of feminism could not be more closely aligned if they had been one in the same group. And while the feminist movement said it was all about freeing women from a sexist patriarchal system, its effect has been to create in many women the very sexual attitudes of the men they claim have kept women slaves for millennium. Not to mention trading a partnership with a husband for dependence on government largess.
     The number one goal of the feminist movement was to knock down the walls of ignorance surrounding sex, and to teach women that it was okay to be as casual and cavalier about sex as their male counterparts. At least this is what the feminist seem to be promulgating in spades during the 1960s and 70s. This, of course, is something every teenage boy dreams about from puberty onward. Sexist men, or for that matter most men, have expended much energy over the ages trying to get women to treat sex as casually as they do. In one fell swoop the feminists have given men a permanent Christmas morning where every package under the tree unwraps itself.
     An additional goal of the feminist movement that mirrors sexist male behavior is having children out of wedlock. The feminists teach that it is okay for a woman to raise a baby on her own, in fact they even venerate such behavior as exemplary. The feminists have gone from saying it is okay to have children out of wedlock, to instructing women that it is preferable to do so. The feminist call to arms is, who needs a man? Sexist and irresponsible men condone women having children that the man does not have to care for or support. And once again, this feminist attitude that teaches men are an unnecessary part of child rearing, has created more dependence on government for the women who practice it. Not to mention the increased risk for crime, drug addiction and poverty for the children who grow up in such households.
     The feminist movement was all about sexual freedom for women, but the more "sexual freedom" women have gained, the more they find themselves shackled by poverty. The most recent United States census data shows that the poverty rate among women is at an all time high and has been steadily climbing since the 1960s. This is in no small part due to the feminist movement, which has inculcated in many women the sexual attitudes of men, resulting in having children out of wedlock, which the feminists also encourage.
     It is my contention that before feminism, men in general respected women more. Women were held up as the pillars of virtue upon which civilized society was built. Men defended women and offered them niceties like pulling out their chairs or opening doors for them, not because men felt women were weaker, but because they felt they were worthy of respect and honor. It is a shame that on the road to making women "sexually free", feminists have also made women equal to men in their weaknesses and failings.


  1. You have been spot on for over several months now. I look forward everyday to reading your articles. I think you should run for president. You would run this country the way it should be. You have my vote.

    1. Well, thank you so much for your kind words and vote of confidence. I do not think I could withstand the intense examination that Conservatives must endure to run for public office.