Monday, June 10, 2013

The Arms Of Her Courage

     The impassioned testimony last Tuesday presented by Wetumpka, Alabama Tea Party President, Becky Gerritson, should shame and humiliate more high profile and influential people who spoke against the Obama administration in its infancy, but were intimidated into silence by the Alinsky tactics of this President. Men (and I use that term loosely) like billionaire investor, Warren Buffet and CNBC host Jim Kramer.
     Jim Kramer saw the Obama policies for what they were, "The greatest destruction of wealth I have ever seen." Mr. Kramer said those exact words on the air in the early stages of the Obama train wreck. Just days later, Mr. Kramer reversed himself and was on board with the wealth destruction and everything else his masters in the White House spewed out on a daily basis. For his transformation from man into lapdog, Jim Kramer was given a promotion at CNBC and was made a host of one their morning shows. Billionaire investor, Warren Buffet, had a similar transformation from administration critic to sycophant. Mr. Buffet was rewarded with the insider information that General Electric was to receive billions in taxpayer money in bailouts. He used this information to buy GE preferred shares of stock when they were $6 and guaranteed himself a 15% return under the terms of the preferred agreement.
     Mr. Buffet, Mr. Kramer and others should be shamed by the Congressional testimony of a private citizen from Wetumpka, Alabama, whose only recourse to seeing her government careen out of control was to organize her neighbors, much in the same way the Sons of Liberty did some 240 years ago. And while Mrs. Gerritson and others were standing up to the behemoth tyranny that is the Obama administration and shaking their fists demanding limited and responsible government, those like Jim Kramer and Warren Buffet were cowering in the corner sucking their thumbs and clutching their binky blankys.
     Jim Kramer and Warren Buffet were not the only ones cowed into submission by the Obama thug tactics. Democrats like Dennis Kuchinich were likewise turned from critic of the Obama administration into slobbering devotee for far less than five pieces of silver. Former Congressman (you can not realize how good it makes me feel to say that) Kuchinich called the Obama administration the most corrupt he had ever seen, but became a supporter after only one ride in Air Force One with the President. There were others, both Democrat and Republicants, who were intimidated or bribed into silence and even vocal support of policies and tactics by a President and his gang of thugs they knew were wrong and opposed to everything upon which this great nation was founded. Congressional Republicants who supported the financial reform bill, known as Dodd/Frank, made it impossible for individual Americans to keep their financial life private and away from the prying eyes of over-reaching government.
     The men and women, whether in positions of power inside the government or influential ones in the private sector, who saw the crushing oppression of the Obama administration, and were intimidated or bribed into silence, should feel shame after seeing how brave Americans respond to this type of soft tyranny. Brave Americans like Becky Gerritson, a wife, mother and patriot, who, when her country was attacked from within, took up the arms of her courage, and with only her words as weapons, shined a bright light into the beds of her oppressors.     

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