Monday, July 1, 2013

Government Greed

     It is no coincidence that as the pool of those dependent on taxpayer money has expanded, the pool of those paying the taxes has shrunk. This process of creating more beneficiaries being supported by fewer benefactors is one of the primary functions of Leftism. The result of this function is to increase the need for an ever-powerful federal authority to extract funds from those who have earned them and give them to those who have not. After, of course, government takes its cut. Once this realization is understood, the motivation for every Leftist policy is easy to uncover. And that motivation is not defined by a thirst for liberty but by a hunger for power and control.
     We have seen this overwhelming hunger on the left especially out-of-control in the last four and half years. It is in full evidence by legislation like Financial Reform and ObamaCare, where government merely regulating industries for the public good has been transformed into a de facto active management of businesses by politicians who have never run a business entity. In both of these economic and freedom crushing pieces of legislation, the only wealth being created is the wealth of individuals within the sphere of government. In the case of ObamaCare, the object is to destroy private health insurance in this country and replace it with a single-payer, government-run system. Financial Reform's goal is to support large financial institutions at the expense of smaller ones, in addition to federal authorities sticking their greedy little fingers into private individuals' financial and investing pies.
     The philosophy of people on the Left, like Barack Obama, is that freedom and liberty can not be trusted in the hands of common people, because they will build wealth instead of uniformity of outcomes. Leftists strive to make everyone equal by using the trowel of big government to smooth out the highs and lows of a diverse and thriving economy, making the entire country blend together in a bland surface of mediocrity. This philosophy places faith in government over faith in the individual, a concept that is anathema to this great nation's founding.
     Government is unrestrained by the guardrails of the profit motive that keeps private enterprise focused on satisfying the needs, wants and desires of customers at a competitive price. When business thrives, so does the community. The success of business depends on people having money to purchase their goods and services. Big government feeds itself with a bigger chunk of every individuals' labor. And the fewer people that are laboring and the more there are benefitting from that labor, the more of that labor big government must confiscate through taxes. The big government of the Left thrives on more dependents, not fewer, so therefore their policies and programs are designed to fail the individual while succeeding in growing a bigger need for even more government. This rapacious greed of Leftist government has made corruption the standard operating procedure for many who are suppose to be public servants and is in the process of destroying the moral compass of this great nation.    

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