Friday, July 19, 2013

A Diatribe Of Differences

     Someone asked me recently what the core differences are between the Left and the Right. Following is a basic list of differences, I am sure there are more, feel free to let me know if you think of any which I have not included.      
     Conservatives work to make individuals stronger and government weaker, Leftists work to make individuals weaker and government stronger.
     Leftists do a disservice to justice by weakening it with the modifiers "social" and "economic." Conservatives do not dilute justice with meaningless modifiers.
     Conservatives believe in the power of individuals to improve and change their lives for the better, Leftists believe only government can perform this task.
     Conservatives aim to preserve the principles and values enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Leftists aim to transform the aforementioned documents into the Declaration of Dependence and The Restitution by making them "living, breathing documents" that transform individuals' rights into collective rights that are given and taken by government.
     Conservatives believe in the dignity of each human being to make choices about how to live their own lives, instruct their own children and participate in changing their own communities for the better. Leftists destroy individual human dignity by convincing people that they can not possibly understand the intricacies of life's decision, and that only they, through the big government they control, can make these decisions for everyone.
     The Left think the poor are deserving and the rich are not. Conservatives believe that those who work hard, play by the rules and succeed should be upheld as an example to others as an inspiration to apply a good work ethic to make a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.
     Leftists believe in using the natural changes in climate to create crisis that only their ever expanding central government can resolve. Conservatives believe in protecting the environment without growing government into a force that tells individuals what kind of light bulbs they must use, how many miles per gallon their car must achieve, how much of our own natural resources we can extract from the ground to reduce or eliminate our dependence on foreign sources that hate us and what private land owners can do with their legally owned property.
     Leftists see race, income level, sex and every other difference as an opportunity to divide people and create certain classes that are victims that need big government to even the score by taking from other classes that are characterized as the victimizers. Conservatives aim to treat everyone as individuals and not part of a group that all live, vote and think the same way. Conservatives understand that the only victims are those created by big government programs that inculcate dependence. 
     Leftists believe that all money is the property of government and thereby can be taken from individuals through taxes if they are deemed by the ruling elite to have too much. Conservatives believe that each man is the exclusive owner of the fruits of his labor, and only a small amount should be required of every citizen to pay for the basic functions of government.   
     In essence, Conservatives believe in true liberty and Leftists believe in a soft tyranny where government is the central figure in the lives of each citizen.


  1. Leftists are motivated by hate and anger. They project their own feelings of hate and anger onto the world at large and never realise that the trouble is in their own heads. Conservatives are in general well-balanced and at peace with themselves.

    1. Conservatives also donate more time and money to charitable causes, a lot more. Leftists just leave it to government to do.