Monday, July 22, 2013

Detroit: Poster Child For Leftist Policy

     Last week the city of Detroit, which has been hanging by its fingernails for decades, could not hang on any longer and dropped into the abyss of official bankruptcy. This largest municipal bankruptcy filing in the history of the United States is illustrative, or at least it should be to anyone who has the courage to face the truth, of the eventual outcome of Leftist policies. Whether the entity is a city, state or country, prosperity, order and virtue will always allude that which is managed by Leftist ideology.
     A time traveler to 1960 would have found a very different Detroit than the empty, diseased and impoverished city that exists today. Then, Detroit boasted a population of a million and half residents with the highest per capita income in the country. It was the manufacturing capital of the world and was an industrial powerhouse, the likes of which had never been seen before. Driven by the automobile manufacturing industry, as well as many others, the city of Detroit was a well-oiled business machine. And with business came jobs and wealth for the residents.
     Beginning in the early 1960s, and continuing to this day, Democrats controlled the city of Detroit, lock, stock and barrel. Over the decades, greedy Democrat politicians, using the wrecking ball that is Leftist policy, drove business from Detroit and bankrupted the city with ever obese and slothful public sector union benefits. In its bankruptcy filing, the city managers have had to make the inescapable admission that the majority of their 18 billion dollars of debt is owed to public sector union benefits. Democrat politicians, who controlled union contracts, had no reason to be frugal with the taxpayers money because union dues, through forced campaign donations, filled Democrat coffers. The more salary and benefits union members received, the more money was laundered back to Democrat campaigns. This system is not unique to Detroit, but is ubiquitous throughout the country.
     So now Detroit finds itself in bankruptcy court, a crime-ridden Leftist utopia with police response times of 58 minutes when the national average is 11 minutes. With forty percent of its street lights not in working order. With thousands of condemned, dilapidated buildings awaiting demolition because the city does not have the funds to proceed. With a school system that graduates less than 25% of its students. With neighborhoods that look like war zones and where criminals have been given free reign to do as they please. I am reminded that just a few years ago, in defense of spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up the automobile industry, President Obama said he was not going to stand idle and let Detroit go bankrupt. But it has been the ideology of people like our President that has directly lead to policies that have turned the silk purse that was once Detroit into the sows ear that is Leftist utopianism.            

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