Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Verdict No End For Zimmerman

     Usually when someone is accused of a crime and submits to the rigors of a trial, the matter is settled one way or another with the announcement of a verdict. The person pays the penalty for the crime if found guilty, or picks up their life where they left off if found not guilty. In the case of George Zimmerman, the most well-known neighborhood watch guard by now, the Left will make sure he never spends another day on this earth without threat to his life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. And even though he was found not guilty, Mr. Zimmerman will spend the rest of his life in the prison of the Lefts demonization.
     More to the point, the community agitator President, through his corrupt Attorney General, will seriously consider, and may file, civil rights charges against George Zimmerman for defending himself from someone who practically beat him unconscious before he shot and killed him. Well known terrorist expert and former federal prosecutor, most notably for a successful prosecution of the Blind Sheik for the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, Andrew McCarthy, has said that a civil rights violation against George Zimmerman for killing Treyon Martin is ludicrous and unlikely to be successful.
     The reason a civil rights violation will be hard for the government to prove is that to do so would entail two burdens of proof. First, the government must prove that George Zimmerman had some racial animus toward Treyvon Martin because of his race, and two, that that animus lead Mr. Zimmerman to deliberately deny Treyvon of a federally-protected civil right. All the evidence seems to suggest that neither one of these conditions could successfully be met. Mr. Zimmerman was certainly not a racist, after all he tutored black children and took a black girl to his high school prom. But of course, none of this will matter to the activists in and out of government. When one is a committed Leftist, truth is a casualty of an ideology which is fueled by the hatred of constant victimization for the purpose of curtailing liberty to empower government.
     I witnessed one of the "demonstrations" yesterday that were meant to show dissatisfaction with the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial. With the President and others calling for calm and non-violence, it was illustrative of the difference between the Left and the Right. Had the verdict been decided the other way, there would have been no need for people like the President to call for non-violence. That is because those on the Right believe in the rule of law that sees that each man accused of a crime has his day in court and a jury of his peers decides from the evidence if he is guilty or not. The Left believes only in the rule of chaos, and the more they can create to obfuscate truth, reason and fact, the better their chances of imposing their will over the law. The Lefts temper tantrum over the George Zimmerman verdict is exemplary of their disdain for the American justice system and the rule of law that created it.

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