Monday, July 29, 2013

Compassion And The Illegal Immigration Debate

     Throughout the current debate on so-called immigration reform, the Democrats have tried to shame Republicants into agreeing to amnesty for illegal immigrants already in this country by saying it is the compassionate thing to do. As if protecting our borders is somehow mean-spirited. Democrats characterize Republicants as unfeeling and hard-hearted if they refuse to make amnesty the prime directive of immigration reform. The Leftist thuggery of Democrats seems to be reaping results in their favor with recent statements made by Republicants that they are amenable to giving legal status to illegal immigrants brought to this country as children by their parents who sneaked over the border.
     The Democrat tactic of using children, even though in this case most of the "children" are well into adulthood, is straight out of the same old playbook they have used for decades. They characterize a segment of the population as weak and vulnerable, and therefore in need of their big government programs to protect them from the rich, white, Conservative males that mean them harm. Republicants in Congress refused to vote for the Dream Act a couple of years ago, thereby handing the Democrats a legislative defeat that otherwise would have given special rights of citizenship to people brought to this country illegally as children.
     The question that no one, Republicant or Democrat who supports the concept of legislation for "dreamers" can answer is, "How do we know who even falls into this category?" There are no records kept of the names and ages of the children that come across the border illegally with their parents. There is no way to verify this status, other than the word of illegal individuals who want the benefits that some in Congress say have accrued to them simply by staying in this country illegally for so many years. And as with any government program, the less verification that exists, the more that abuse and corruption have free reign to run rampant.
     The founders of this great nation created a system of government that operated under the rules of reason, common sense and law. They were wise enough to know that once human emotion made its way into the chambers of government, liberty would succumb to the arbitrary will of the human heart. They believed, and rightly so, that charity and compassion were best left within the purview of individuals, and not in the hands of a central government. To make the law malleable, as any legalization legislation would do, is to weaken the very foundation upon which freedom and liberty are built. At one time I believed Republicants in Congress understood this principle. But of late they have become as Democrats, hungry for an ever more bloated bureaucracy that limits individual freedom and places rule of law under the crushing boot of tyranny.     

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