Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Meaning Of Independence Day

     Independence Day, colloquially known as The Fourth Of July, means different things to different people. Some see it as a day off work, or an opportunity to stuff themselves with cheeseburgers and potato salad until all they can do is lay in a lawn chair and drink their favorite beverage. To me, Independence Day is a solemn reminder of the sacred ideals, values and principles that built the foundation of this greatest nation in history.
     The ideals of independence were present in George Washington's troops at Valley Forge, many of whom marched in the snow without shoes on their feet so that their descendants could have dozens of pairs of shoes in their closets, many of which they never wear.
     The ideals of independence were also resident on the many horse drawn wagons that made the year-long trek across this country, carrying men, women and children who sacrificed everything to make not only a better life for themselves but for their progeny. They faced thirst, hunger, disease and Indian attacks so that their descendants could hop on a plane and traverse the same distance in a matter of hours, surrounded by ergonomically-designed chairs and unlimited beverage service.
     The ideals of independence were even alive in the bloodiest battles of this great nation's civil war, when brother fought brother over what that independence meant and who should enjoy it. And after the last battle of the war was fought, and the dead were all buried, the ideal that each man is equal in the eyes of God and under the law, had prevailed.
     The ideals of independence lived on even after white poll workers and black voters were savagely lynched by the terrorist arm of the Democrat party, known as the Ku Klux Klan. Their descendants now baulk at showing an ID as a requirement to vote, and many equate it with the lynching their ancestors had to endure.
     The ideals of independence were alive and well on the many ships that made the months-long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, carrying immigrants fleeing from tyranny and oppression. They came with hope in their hearts that their new country, The United States of America, would allow them the opportunity to use their gifts, talents, blood, sweat and tears to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor to improve their families lives and the lives of their communities. The freedom and liberty for which they sacrificed so much is now frittered away by their descendants, who wish to trade it for the false promise of security.
     The ideals of independence were linked arm-in-arm with Reverend Martin Luther  King Jr. and others as they demanded their God-given civil rights and were met with verbal and physical resistance from Democrats like Bull Connor, George Wallace and others who refused to afford black men and women the same rights they enjoyed. Their descendants, having gained all the rights and privileges of free people, are voluntarily enslaved by a political ideology which aims to keep them in the chains of poverty and victim hood for the purpose of consolidating power in the hands of a few.
     The ideals of independence are resident in the many people of the modern era, who even after having the power of their government turned against them for their political beliefs, still stand toe-to-toe with that very government and say, "No! You are not going to take my liberty and make a mockery of this great nation's founding." Let us hope their descendants are able to enjoy the fruits of liberty secured by all the brave men and women throughout this nation's history. Long live that liberty, long live freedom and long live the United States of America as founded over two centuries ago.

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