Thursday, July 25, 2013

Huma Stands By Her Man, And Further Encourages Leftist Men To Disrespect Women

     Huma Abedin, wife of disgraced ex-congressman Anthony Weiner who tweeted pictures of his private parts to females on Twitter, gave a press conference yesterday. The presser was designed to quell new allegations that her husband, under the name of Carlos Danger, has been having elicit cyber affairs with multiple women. This does not seem to bother Huma, and she is going to stay with Anthony through thick and thin, or at least until he has no political viability remaining.
     Mrs. Anthony Weiner was supposedly advised before her press conference by Hillary Clinton, a woman who knows what it is like to have a husband for whom bimbo eruptions is a weekly occurrence, but who also knows what side of the political bread her butter resides. In fact it seems as though Leftist women, who rant hysterically how strong and independent they are, will allow their politically powerful men to step all over them time and time again with their embarrassing behavior. And Leftist men, who designed and have executed the mythical Republicant "war on women," are the ones for whom respect of women is a quaint and outmoded form of gentlemanly behavior.
     It has always perplexed me how many voters will hold womanizing men like Anthony Weiner or Bill Clinton in high esteem and allow themselves to believe the worst about a thoroughly decent man like Mitt Romney. It is not a shock that Leftist politicians would try to tarnish their political opponents by accusing them of behavior that seems to be a pre-requisite for men on the Left. What is the source of flummox for me and many other Conservatives is that the voters in this country are so easily convinced that Leftist men hold women in such high regard. Even the current President received a pass when it was discovered how women in his administration were treated with an air of patronizing derision.
     So Huma has made her decision to stay with a man that not only made an error of discretion once and is repentant, but by all evidence continues his deviant behavior. And the voters of New York must decide if they want a man as mayor that has so little self-control that even with his political future at risk, he can not stop himself from engaging in lewd and lascivious behavior. I have no delusions that the Leftist New York will not elect a man like Anthony Weiner, who has no moral rectitude, to manage their city. After all, those on the Left apparently think that Republicants not wanting to use taxpayer money to pay for female contraception is somehow more disrespectful of women than a man who breaks his covenant with his wife and apparently has no intentions of changing his deviant behavior. It is this naked hypocrisy which drives the Left to place decency and morality under the bus of their political aspirations.  

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