Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Laughing President

     When President Obama was elected to the presidency in 2008, some people said it was historic because he was the first black person to be elected to that office in our nation's history. As historic as that achievement was, he will be remembered by history as the first president to preside over a credit downgrade of U.S. debt, the first president to be re-elected with chronically high unemployment, the first president to win a second term with fewer votes than he received the first time and he will also be seen by history as the first president that blatantly laughed and sneered at the American public he is suppose to serve.
     He laughed uncontrollably when he was elected in 2008 after he said he wanted to transform the fundamentals of America and redistribute both the wealth of individuals within the country and redistribute this great nation's wealth to the rest of the world. He has succeeded on both counts. He laughed until tears streamed down his face when he convinced the American people that their government needed to spend almost a trillion dollars it did not have to "stimulate" the economy. He subsequently laughed even harder when that money was used to payoff his campaign donors in the form of low interest loans to "green energy" companies that went bankrupt and the creation of a gaggle of union jobs. He laughed again when the stimulus failed to stimulate the economy, but no one seemed to notice or hold him accountable for the huge waste of money.
     President Obama busted a gut laughing when he was able to pass one of the most far-reaching and expansive bills ever, with not one Republicant vote in either chamber of Congress. His laughter turned to a sneer when he used the budgetary instrument of reconciliation to ensure his health care bill would not receive a fair debate on the Senate floor. Then the President almost expressed milk through his nostrils from laughing so hard when he and his gang of thugs were able to publicly intimidate the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, into giving his stamp of approval to the President's unconstitutional health care law.
     The President was far from finished laughing at the American people, in fact he was just getting started. He laughed when his Attorney General, Eric Holder, perjured himself to a Congressional committee investigating the Obama administration's gun-running operation to Mexico. The President laughed even harder when he was able to extricate his Attorney General from any further embarrassment or legal ramifications by cloaking his friend in executive privilege. President Obama went horse from laughing when he and his State Department's negligence lead to the deaths of an U.S. ambassador and four other Americans in Benghazi, Libya. His laughter then had him rolling around on the floor as he and his administration engaged in a two week lie about the attack, and were discovered lying, but were never held to account by an apathetic public.
     President Obama laughed hysterically when he slandered with malice a good and decent man because he dared to run against our dear leader for the presidency. Barack Obama giggled like a school girl as he and his minions of malcontents accused Mitt Romney of everything from tax evasion to murder. The President's laughter over racial divide in this country is in full bloom after he has spent the last four and a half years using the chip on his shoulder with this country's name on it to divide it among racial lines. His love of chaos as a means to gain political power has him laughing currently as the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial has sparked demonstrations across the country that the President, through his laughter, is hoping grow in scope and mayhem.
     Yes, President Obama's election was historic, but his being black is the least historic aspect of his presidency. The most historic aspect of the Obama presidency is his ability to laugh as the U.S. Constitution, the founding principles of this great nation and common decency all cry the tears of the banished.  

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