Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Republicant Betrayal On ObamaCare

     Previously, I have not been in favor of the creation of a more conservative third party. I have always felt it is more realistic to change the party that exists than it is to create a whole new one and attain the power structure needed in Washington to accomplish any legislative goals. However, with Democrats hell-bent on dissolving the Constitution of the United States, and Republicants hell-bent on not getting in the way for fear of offending someone, I think it is time to consider a challenge to the two party system with a more Conservative third party. The fate of constitutional government and of the founding principles of freedom and liberty may depend upon it.
     When ObamaCare was rammed through Congress without debate using the subterfuge of reconciliation, Republicants were outraged and said they were going to do everything in their  power to repeal and replace it. They ran on that theme in the 2010 mid-term elections and, in the words of President Obama, gave the Democrats a shellacking. But after taking control of the House, they did nothing except engage in mostly symbolic votes against the law. And when the Chicago mob that we call a White House administration intimidated the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to change his vote and uphold the law, again Republicants were outraged and vowed to do everything they could to repeal and replace. Their presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, even vowed that his first order of business, if elected, would be to repeal ObamaCare. We are all too painfully aware how that worked out for Conservatives.
     Now we have come to a place where even the man who lent his name and radical ideology to the new law, has admitted its failure before it has even begun. Barack Obama's admission is implicit in his delaying large parts of the law until 2015, thus allowing employers to escape the coverage mandate for another year. And that is not the only part of the law that our Outlaw In Chief has decided not to follow. According to the new law, the federal government is not legally allowed to subsidize anyone's health care insurance premiums in states that refuse to setup the health care exchanges (somewhere north of thirty at last count). But President Obama, in his usual modus operandi of not following laws that are inconvenient to him, is going to subsidize those very insurance premiums that the law forbids.
     With the new health care law becoming even more unpopular with the American people than it ever has been, and with the President admitting that it is a disaster by his actions and with the funding for it having to come from the continuing resolution that must be re-authorized at the end of September, one would think that Republicants would be in the catbird seat with regards to dissolving ObamaCare. But alas, the Republicant establishment and the moderate mollies they lead are afraid of forcing a government shutdown because they have bought into the Democrat myth that when it occurred in 1995, Republicants suffered politically for it. But the shutdown, orchestrated by the Newt Gingrich lead House, forced President Clinton into a balanced budget and lead to George W. Bush being elected twice to the presidency. A far cry from being a political albatross around the necks of Republicants.
     My question for the party elites and the second tier moderates that slavishly follow them is, "Is there ever an issue for which a government shutdown would be appropriate?" September is the nation's last chance to extricate itself from the tyranny of ObamaCare. But it appears as though many Republicants with the instrument of its destruction are going to sit on the sidelines, secure in the knowledge that they did not piss off anyone over a government shutdown.

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