Thursday, July 11, 2013

Accepting Political Realities

     With the administration-written immigration reform bill having passed the United States Senate with help from snookered Republicants like Marco Rubio, John McCain and others, the next stop is the House of Representatives. Word on the street in the capital is that the Senate version of immigration reform is going to die a slow death in the Republicant-controlled House. The bill has been analyzed by those who support it and those who do not, but a quick refresher promises to do no harm. The Senate immigration reform bill has amnesty first as its core principle. And just to make sure of that, the bill gives practically unlimited power to the Secretary of Homeland Security to implement the aspects of the bill that she wishes and in a manner that she wishes.
     The fact that fifteen Republicant Senators voted for this extra-constitutional bill, shows just how far some Republicants have strayed from the core principles of Conservatism, which are based on the U.S. Constitution and the original intent of the founders. The Senate immigration reform bill does not come close to qualifying under either Constitutional reality or original intent.
     There are some on the right that are ready to canonize House Speaker John Boehner for what they think will be the death of the Senate bill in the House. This is illustrative of just how far expectations of some Conservatives have fallen due to the feckless way in which Mr. Boehner has handled his responsibilities over the last two and a half years. Each time he was given a challenge from the President, he folded like a cheap lawn chair. And now that it appears as though he actually might do the right thing, some on the right want to knight him for his service.
     When those on the right say the phrase, "accept the political realities," it always leads to Conservative principles being compromised in some way. We have had to "accept the political realities" when it came to raising the debt limit of an already out of control federal government. We have had to "accept the political realities" when the President strong armed Speaker Boehner into accepting the sequester and then using it against Republicants as if it was their idea. We have had to "accept the political realities" of softening our core beliefs like traditional marriage, abortion and now illegal immigration. We have had to "accept the political realities" when the Republicants in Congress allowed the President and his majority in the Senate to pass continuing resolutions to fund the government for four years instead of fulfilling their Constitutional duty of passing a budget. We have had to "accept the political realities" that Barack Obama won two presidential elections and therefore is given the right to circumvent the United States Congress with czars and Executive Orders.
     We have had to accept many political realities in the last four and a half years as we have watched our country quickly becoming a European socialist state. And now because it appears, for the moment, that Speaker Boehner and the other House Republicants are going to show some backbone and honor the Constitution, we are suppose to cheer and submit their names for sainthood. With all due respect to those men and women in the Republicant House, I expect them to stand up and fight for Constitutional principles and what is best for this country. There will be no praise from me for performing the job that the Constitution requires of them and is the reason we graciously allow them to occupy their current positions.

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