Monday, July 8, 2013

So You Want To Be A Community Organizer ?

     Being a modern-day community organizer requires of the individual to have a sense that their cause of the day is much greater than the depths of depravity that they must sink to in practicing the art of deception that is community organizing. It matters little what is the stated cause, for it is secondary to consolidating political power in the hands of the community organizer and advancing his own career. This goal of political power-grabbing is accomplished by using members of the community as pawns in some sort of demented chess game where the only piece left standing in the end is the community organizer.
      In the mind of the community organizer exists an eternal vision of injustice that only he can remedy. But the community organizer's definition of injustice is any situation or event that can be used to divide people, leaving ample space for the community organizer to fill with poisonous rhetoric that is aimed at agitating the masses, usually against a political opponent of the community organizer. Exemplary of this ethos is the modus operandi of the Obama administration. The President and his gang of thugs live in the ether of manufacturing injustice and assigning it to their political enemies in order to marginalize them in the public political discourse.
     Illustrative of manufactured injustice is the issue of "equal pay for equal work." The Left, and certainly President Obama, have achieved much political mileage out of this none issue. There have been laws in place since the 1970s which make it illegal to pay someone less for the same work because of their sex. And women today actually make more than men doing the same work when the number of hours worked is use in factoring pay equality. Women generally take more leaves from work for pregnancies and to care for ageing parents, which is deliberately ignored in the Lefts calculations to give the appearance that women make less for the same work, leading to unnecessary legislation like the Lilly Ledbetter Act. This was a classic case of community organizers convincing the public that an injustice exists where there is not one, thus rallying support behind the community organizer to grow the size of government for his own political benefit.
     This community organizing ploy has been replicated all throughout the Obama presidency. From an energy policy that demonizes the abundance of fossil fuels in this country to health care where a perception was created that an industry which had an 85% customer satisfaction rating had need of a complete government take over. The community organizer thrives on chaos and conflict, the more the better because it provides opportunities to pit segments of the population against each other. This is the bread and butter of the community organizing trade, it is constituted from the pathogens of political pabulum and  the malicious manufacturing of malcontent.

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