Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The "Workers' Rights" Scam Of The Left

     There are many issues which separate Leftists from Conservatives, but so-called "workers' rights" is probably in the top five. Ask anyone on the Left who is a workers' rights advocate, and they will all tell you the same, that no employee should have any fear of losing their job, ever. They believe that job security is a right that government should force upon employers for the benefit of workers, irrespective of job performance or business needs. Now, I have read the Constitution and have found no right of job security within it. But the Constitution is not the governing document it was intended to be when the Left wants to create rights out of thin air for the purpose of growing the nanny state.
     Forced job security is not beneficial for either employer or employee, it is only a windfall for bureaucrats and Leftist politicians who make political hay from stealing liberty from others. It is the insecurity of losing one's job that produces a better work ethic and more production. It also motivates individuals to increase their skill set or start their own business. This is the reason that in socialist European countries, where jobs are guaranteed by government, there is very little innovation and small business development. The lack of government involvement in the labor market for the majority of U.S. history, is also why America has produced over 80% of the innovations in the world over the last 150 years and is why this great country is home to more small businesses than any other in the world.
     And what are the "rights" that advocates are fighting so hard to secure for the workers of America? In the extreme cases it involves union contracts which allow workers to attend work drunk or stoned on drugs half a dozen times before losing their jobs. These rights also include allowing child molester teachers to keep collecting their salaries, and instead of going to work every day, they are assigned to "rubber rooms" that house teachers that are so defective, even the union sees the benefit of keeping them away from the nation's children. But of course the union, with the help of Democrat politicians, have secured the jobs of these bottom of the barrelers. The defective teachers keep collecting their salaries and the union takes their cut in dues, which they then launder back to Democrat politicians through campaign donations.   
     The apparent concern over "workers' rights" by those on the Left has the same hollow ring as their concern over a myriad other issues. The leading Leftist advocates, and the politicians who support them with legislative efforts involving the use of taxpayer dollars, use issues like "workers' rights" to increase their own power base and control over the private sector. When this is allowed to continue, there is less profit for businesses to expand which means fewer jobs and more unemployed workers who must be supported, through higher taxes, by those workers fortunate enough to have employment. This leads to less wealth in the pockets of workers to buy products or start their own businesses, which leads to a stagnant economy that only benefits those in government or those connected to government by a counter-productive and counter-Constitutional ideology.

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