Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Real Legacy Of Barack Obama

     Recently, President Obama's detractors have taken to calling him a liar in open forums, and the President's economy with the truth has become so widespread and commonplace, that even his supporters are excusing it by saying it is just politics as usual. It has become increasingly shocking to me over the last four years just how much dishonesty and outright corruption for which the American people have a stomach. Some say this moral apathy over presidential shenanigans began with Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. But President Nixon was held accountable and his untruths that took the form of a cover-up of John Dean's break-in at the Watergate were not accepted by the American people, and he was forced to resign his office.
     The real corruption of the Presidency began with Bill Clinton, who was the first president in recent history and maybe longer, to make parsing of the truth a matter of course in his administration. But it has been Barack Obama that has not only destroyed the virtue of the presidency of the United States of America, but its people's virtue as well. Every politician seeks to paint his political opponents with the most negative brush he can muster. But the campaign that the President executed in last falls general election was not only unfitting the Commander In Chief of the United States, but the most petty of all criminals who spreads his sewage in the most disgusting places of the city. I say the people's virtue has been corrupted because even with the disgusting campaign that Barack Obama ran against Mitt Romney, they returned the purveyor of that filth to office for another four year term.
     The outright lies the President and his administration told about his signature legislation, ObamaCare, were so numerous that one could scarcely find enough truth in his sales pitch for the disastrous law to fill a thimble. And let us not forget the two week (or longer) lie about the attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans, including our ambassador, being the result of an anti-Muslim YouTube video. The maker of that film sits in jail to this day because of the President's lie, and the families of the dead still have no answers from their government about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of their loved ones.
     Now it comes out in recent testimony, orders to IRS agents to kick applications for tax-exempt status by Tea Party and other Conservative groups to higher ups in Washington, has caught President Obama in yet another lie. When this scandal broke, the President said that it was the result of a few rouge agents in Cincinnati, a statement we now know was a bald-faced lie. Had the President not been trying to cover-up a truth he knew would be embarrassing to his administration, he would have simply said in those early days of the scandal that "the investigation is still ongoing." By getting out front and proffering the lie that it was just a few rouge agents in the Cincinnati office, the President revealed a larger truth that he and his administration purposely used agencies of the federal government against his political opponents.
     After Bill Clinton lowered the Presidency of the United States in many peoples esteem throughout the world, George W. Bush was able to rehabilitate the image and virtue of the office through his decorum and honesty. My fear is that Barack Obama has so damaged, tarnished and sullied the office of the presidency that much of its honor, dignity and virtue has been lost to history, never to be the beacon of truth, honesty and probity it has been for over two hundred years. And that, my friends, will be the real legacy of Barack Obama.


  1. This woman has been publicly humiliated for a second time by her husband who then forces her to speak on his behalf ("Don't go far" he orders her as she slinks back after her cringe-worthy apologia). She has the audacity to say that as she has forgiven him, after fighting to save her marriage though a lot of "hard work" and a "lot of therapy" after an obscenely short period of time, the voter should as well (if he becomes mayor, the average Joe Public will be stuck with him for considerably longer). Then, rather than explain herself and answer questions, she states that this is "a private manner"- again, after speaking out publicly on his behalf as a character witness, following him around publicly on the campaign trail, and appearing in photo-ops, magazine spreads and campaign videos. And this yet some are praising her as a female role model decades after universal suffrage supposedly heralded female emancipation!

    1. So true. And another point is that you do not see this type of behavior from women on the Right whose husbands engage in salacious behavior, e.g., Mark Sanford's wife.