Friday, July 5, 2013

The Lefts Selective Outrage Over Paula Dean

     Recently Paula Dean, celebrity chef and cooking products retailer, admitted in a deposition that she had used the dreaded 'N' word thirty years ago as she was being robbed at gun point. The fact that the Left has kept our culture mired in a past where that word maintains an overwhelming offensiveness, is the topic for another post. The recent admission by Paula Dean, and the Lefts complete hysteria over it, is illustrative of the Lefts inability and unwillingness to allow average Americans to decide for themselves what is offensive and what is not and whether the purveyor of the alleged offense should be punished in some way.
     In a free and fair society, the "offense" by Paula Dean would have been evaluated by the free market and any punishment would have been meted out by the consumers of Paula Dean's products. But the free market scares the Left because it puts the power to decide non-criminal offenses in the hands of average people, away from the strict and intolerant court of the Lefts radical ideology. The arrogance of the Left is that they think without imposing their radical agenda on a woefully unsophisticated public, that public would never know that they had been offended, and would not show the proper outrage over that offense.
     The Left has been very successful in training people to self-censor, mainly through their invention of political correctness, which limits free speech in areas for which the Left knows they have no truth-based, substantive arguments. This was the case with Paula Dean's employers and sponsors. They did not drop the celebrity chef because they felt her admission would hurt ratings of her show or sales of her products. They did not even drop her because they themselves were offended by her use of the 'N' word thirty years ago. They dropped her because they were afraid if they did not, there would be a gaggle of community agitators demonstrating at their door step and a complicit media intimating that they were as rabid racists as Paula herself.
     The real irony of the Paula Dean incident is that there is probably not a person alive in this country, over the age of 30, who has not used that word at sometime in their life. Rappers and others in the black community use the 'N' word almost without restraint. If the word is offensive, its offense should be drawn from its use, not the color of the user's skin. But that is the core dishonesty of the Left, their selective outrage over an alleged offense based on the offenders race or the area of the country from which she originates. And they use that selectivity to punish those they have determined to be members of the predator class and reward those they have deemed members of the victim class.

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