Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Their Tyranny Of Ignorance

     The United States Congress has begun their Independence Day recess, and as Will Rogers once quipped, "Congress is in recess, the Union is safe." The United States Congress is in session between 125 and 175 days a year, just imagine how bad off we would be if they worked at this thing full time. With the recent track record of laws passed by Congress in the last four and half years, the nation would have been better off had Congress taken a four and half year recess.
     James Madison, father of the Constitution, stated that if government was populated with angels there would be no need for limits upon it. There is no greater proof of that pudding than the Obama administration in which one would be hard-pressed to find anything remotely resembling behavior of an angel. In fact, a sewage backup in a slaughterhouse would not contain as many life-threatening pathogens as the current regime, lead by President Obama. It is not so much that the people that populate the Obama fun house are bad as much as they are politically arrogant.
     I highly doubt that the Obama gang sees the things they do as anything less than epic, unequaled gifts to mankind, when in reality what they have a gift for is arrogant incompetence. We have all known someone in our lives that was not very good at something like sports or music, but they appeared to be totally oblivious to that fact, and continued to act as though God gifted them with exceptional ability. A character on the 1980s sitcom, "Cheers," named Cliff Claven comes to mind to describe the Obama administration. Cliff was the bar know-it-all and could recite "facts" and "statistics" on just about every subject. The only problem was, Cliff was winging it most of the time and really had no clue about anything. It was appropriate that Cliff Claven was a government employee. The entire Obama administration is the personification of Cliff Claven.
     The arrogant incompetence of the Obama administration has infected Congress as well, even the Republicants seem to have fallen ill with this horrible affliction. For the first two years of the Obama Presidency, the Republicants in Congress actually showed some backbone and distinguished themselves from the Democrats. The voters rewarded them with the largest mid-term victory in recent history in the 2010 elections, which gave them control of the House of Representatives. But then the wheels came off the "Stop Obama Bus" and instead of the Republicants moving the federal government back towards the right, they joined in its lurch to the Left. I have chronicled in this blog the battles between Speaker John Boehner and President Obama in which the Speaker forfeited almost every contest. This capitulation by Republicant leadership has culminated in the Rubio immigration reform bill that recently passed the Senate. The bill has Republicants, at least in the Senate, joining Democrats in their desire to expand the Democrat-voting under-class while not securing any of the items that would actually fix the illegal immigration problem in this country.
     Yes, Congress is in recess and we can breath easy, but do not become too complacent, because soon they will be back, and the nation will be at risk once again from their shenanigans. Their political hi-jinx would be laughable if they were not so dangerous. Their incompetence, their political larceny and their total disregard for our founding principles makes their tyranny of ignorance most dangerous indeed.

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